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How society abuses and mistreats anyone that's different.
A puppy, born prematurely doesn't know,
Doesn't go with the rest of the flow,
Her mind's different she doesn't know a rainbow from a bow.

Then matures and her heart gets abused and grows sore,
Others know she's not like them and just keep abusing her more,
In her prime she still is mistreated, called name's and can hardly take this abuse by all of you anymore.

Beaten down by humanity she's lost her home and was even abandoned by her master,
People continue hurting and abusing her, her life is a complete disaster,
All because she wasn't good enough by any of you to love or even by her own master.

Overtime the mature dog grows up,
People keep continuing to abuse her even though she's now no longer a pup,
She lost her other home and doesn't get paid right on her jobs and finally gets all used up.

People all chose to secretly gather together to plot and continue playing a sick, twisted game on the now grown up pup,
Just because she was too slow to doing and learning how to do her job like everyone could more easily do telling her to do her job faster, asking her, "What's your problem, why are you so slow?", and complaining, "Time's up!"
People finally caused her to die due to constantly being put through extreme stress and harassment, so her heart finally just, gave up.

It should be considered a crime to shame anyone that's different from you, whether they're mentally challenged, are of another nationality, are of a different lifestyle than you, practice a different religion and so on. America was suppose to be the land of the free, have the right to choose how we want to be like. Not be bashed, harassed and bullied by others just because we're not like others. What's wrong with those who keep doing this to other's? What is your problem? What do you get out of bullying someone just because they're different from you? That's way uncool. You gain nothing out of hurting that person you're bullying. Many people say they're better than animals, when you bully an innocent person or animal, you're not the better species.
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