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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Horror/Scary · #2122288
Be careful who you break up with.
After he had agreed to the bet, he regretted it. Yeah, the girl was strange, she was wired, a loner, and probably had issues at home, but she didn't deserve this. Finally, after a month, he decided he was going to break up with her. Most guys wouldn’t date the strangest girl in school. She was abnormal and once he said those words, "I'm breaking up with you," he wondered how she would react.

The school day was almost over, and his friend Tori laughed at his admitted defeat. This was all her fault, he thought, as he remembered what happened thirty days ago. Tori bet him two-hundred dollars he couldn't date the strangest girl in school for three months. To Josh, two-hundred bills was a good amount of money. It was quick cash, and he needed the money. For two-hundred, he could play the role of boyfriend, or so he thought.

He sat in class, with his head down and eyes lowered. Lilly's gaze was on him; he could feel her sight like a bowel movement. It disgusted him, and he wanted away from her quickly. Just like when taking a shit. The bell would ring any minute, signaling it was time to end the unwanted relationship.

For a second, he glanced at Lilly. Her jet black hair covered part of her face, but he could still see one of her eyes. She was bathed in darkness, from the color of her locks down to the shoes she was wearing. Lilly was gothic, but that wasn't all she was.

Josh jumped at the sound of the bell ringing in his ears.

"Don't forget homework is due tomorrow," the female teacher said as she gathered her books and walked out the class. Everyone packed away their iPads and laptops and headed towards the door. Once the other students left, it was only Lilly and him.

She glided over to him, and for a moment, he questioned if he saw her hover. I need to stop freaking out.

He kept his eyes on Lilly, afraid to leave her out of his eyesight.

"Are you ready?" She gave him a crooked grin that sent shivers down his spine. The girl was crazy; he was sure of that. When she drew a circle in her garage and asked to have sex with him in the middle of it, it was his breaking point. To avoid having relations with her, he said he wanted to wait. Although, it didn’t help that Lilly knew he already had sex before.

"Uhh, yeah..." Josh stood up, grabbing his backpack.

Lilly tried to take his hand, but he moved away from her.

"What's wrong, Josh, don't boyfriends and girlfriends hold hands?" Lilly asked, in that innocence voice he hated. Lilly wasn't innocent, but she didn't deserve to be lied to.

Josh took a deep breath and said, "Lilly, I'm breaking up with you. I think it's for the best."

There, he said it. He studied her expression, wondering what she was going to say.

Her mouth formed an "O." She remained speechless. Josh was scared how she would respond, but he was determined to stay nice about it. "Are you...mad?" he asked.

Lilly lowered her head. Her black hair covered her face, like a ghost in Japanese horror movie.

"Lilly, we can stay friends," he said, hoping to ease the situation.

Instead of responding, he heard whimpering.

“Lilly, don’t cry, ok.” He patted her back, but she jerked away from him.

“You were the first guy who said he liked me, well, the first human guy.” Lilly slowly raised her eyes to look at him. He noticed they were no longer brown, but turned black, like her clothes.

The lights flickered. Behind him, he heard a deep growl and heavy footsteps.

“I really liked you, Josh, and I even convinced my other boyfriend to let you live,” Lilly said as she stalked towards Josh and caressed his cheek.

Thump, he heard, getting louder. And yet again, Lilly was acting strangely.

“Lilly, look, I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about, ok? I tried to be nice, but you really are the most f** up girl in school!” Josh yelled. He pushed past Lilly, but suddenly, he felt something jerk his arm and pull him back.

“Lilly let…”

He whipped around and then screamed. Standing next to Lilly was an unearthly creature, something he had only seen in a movie. Its lips were cracked, gushing with green ooze, and its skin was pulsing like its own flesh was alive. The blood red eyes stared into his, and he struggled to free himself, but it was no use.

The creature pulled Josh closer to it. Its chest quickly opened, and Josh knew what was happening. He kicked, screamed, punched and yelled. The pulsing skin overtook Josh’s body. As it slowly closed over Josh, his one eye saw Lilly in the distance, with a crooked smile.

“Now both of my boyfriend’s will be one in the same,” Lilly said. Josh muffled a cry, but he knew his last sound fell on deaf ears.

Word Count: 826
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