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by Angus
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who have helped me become the writer that I am!

May 21st, 2017

*Music1* YOU RAISE ME UP!!! *Music2*

For some reason this song makes me think of all the wonderful people I’ve come across and met on Writing.Com.

When I first joined this site I had no idea what to expect. I’d never been on a writing site before, and if it weren’t for my daughter, who knew my passion for writing, I probably never would have found it. After all, I wasn’t even looking for something like this, and to be honest, I didn’t even know sites like this existed!

But like I said, this song about being raised up hits home with this community. I’d been writing all my life but I never took it too seriously, even though one of my dreams was to have something published one day. After joining WdC in 2011 and seeing all the great authors on here who had some things published, I finally decided to give it a shot.

So one night during a blackout I managed to put a short piece together called ‘Nothing’ (which oddly enough is about exactly that) and sent it off to Haunted Waters Press along with another story. I figured ‘Nothing’ didn’t stand a chance and I really only just sent as a kind of a backup to the story. I was blown away when they actually accepted it!

I’ve been writing horror since the 80’s, but I never kept anything. So when I joined WdC I had nothing to put in my portfolio! Nothing, not even "Nothing! But I wanted to at least get a foot in the door and be known a little bit for horror, even though after reading and reviewing some of the other horror authors I didn’t think I had a chance. I knew I’d never be any Stephen King or Clive Barker, so I was blindsided when a couple of people began comparing my stories to King!

That in itself raised my confidence and encouraged me to keep writing! And just to toot my own horn a little louder, now a couple of people have called me ‘The Horror Master of WdC’! I know I’m not - that credit goes to a lot of other better horror authors on here, but just to be called that has caused my head to get a lot bigger than it probably should be!

But this is my point: when I first joined I was blown away by the support and encouragement I received here! I’ve been here for 6 years now, and I’ve come to see just how much of a ‘family’ this community is. And what’s more is that’s not just about writing. It’s about helping each other with even small (or big) daily things in our lives! If I’m hurting, I know there will be somebody out there who will offer me their advice and try to help me, and for that I can’t thank everyone on Writing.Com enough!

‘You raise me up’ WdC , and it’s a pleasure to be a part of this fantastic site!

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