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by Lulu
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Emotional · #2122326
         He rolled over to face her but she didn't face him back, her cold exposed back glowing under the gentle iridescent moonlight filtering through the bedroom window. Her spine clearly standing out as she curled up, hunched over herself; her hair shimmering in threads of bronze and gold around her, gingerly poring over her shoulders and pooling before his face. His hand gently and feebly reaches out to brush a strand of hair off her back as he cautiously leans his head over her shoulder and pushes his body onto hers, engulfing her cool petite frame in his overpoweringly masculine one as he leans forwards and whispers:
         -"Love...I feel like I'm losing you"
         A shudder runs down her bare spine and she breathes out coldly, her deep breath interrupted by the chatter of her teeth. She hugs the corner of the bed, curling around it and grasping at it, wishing it would get her out of her personal hell. She refuses to face him and coldly replies:
         -"What do you mean?"
         The man, now wishing more than ever that he hadn't asked her the question withdrew from her, leaving her fragile body cold and alone once again. He observed her body from afar, her gentle curves and refined edges which glistened under the moonlight, sparkling like a marble statue on display. He watched her breathe, her body gently rising, then breathing out with a shudder as the rest of his warmth left her body. He saw as she lay there, defeated, her body no longer clutching onto the bed but instead draping over it helplessly. Her defeated frame twitching under the dark light, her hands laying at her side and all color void of her body. Her eyes were glazed over that night, she had given him all she had, all her tears had been spilled and she had no more to give; but he didn't see that, he only saw her cool leather back facing him, rigid with cold longing for some kind of warmth. He lay there watching her slip away from him...and he didn't even try to hold her, she was like sand slipping out of his grasp, one grain at a time until he just gave up. The man now, seeing her so helpless gained a sense of courage, he spoke up:
         -"You always push me back, you never tell we what's wrong and you're always upset! Am I worth nothing to you? Am I not good enough?!
I knew what I was sighting up for but I never realized how truly broken you are."
         The girl upon hearing those words shattered. Her hands gently grasped at her skin as she hugged herself, clinging to her body that she had surrendered to him, wanting nothing more than to claim it back yet not finding the strength to do so...everything had left her. Yet she painfully hung on to the man's voice echoing through her head leaving a bitter trail of hurt as he spoke up again.
         -"Why won't you just goddamn face me for once?!"
         The girls feeble voice rang out, spiraling throughout the room gracefully yet oddly clumsy like a blind moth in the day. Everything she had was now lost to her as she was lost to the world.
         ...she now wished more than ever that he had never asked her that question
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2122326-How-I-Felt-That-Friday-Night