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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2122519
Day Twenty-Two of the Promptly Potter challenge. It's another SpaceWizards mystery.
(Another SpaceWizards Action/Adventure Mystery)

The Silver Doe isn’t an animal like it is in the Harry Potter Novels/Movies or here on Earth. At least it isn’t when it comes to Horrald and the SpaceWizards. It’s a figurine about the same size as our animals on their back legs. A figurine that Horrald has been trying to find for the last three months. Horrald has searched twelve GraveDigger sites on twelve different Wizard Worlds so far looking for it. But why? Why is he doing it? That’s what the SpaceWizards want to know, especially Pacill. Pacill used to be a GraveDigger. And he wants to know what’s going on with Horrald most of all. This is his story.

“The Silver Doe”

A Short Story

Remembered By


     Slowly, Jacci scanned the ruins below her. All she saw was a group of about twenty-five to thirty GraveDiggers searching through the exposed ruins below. Horrald doesn’t appear to be here yet. All I can see are Thonishians.

     That’s that I have seen so far too. Pacill was also observing those GraveDiggers. But he was doing it from only a few hundred feet away from them.

     There are three other GraveDigger sites here on Thonish where Horrald could be at. Maybe he’s at one of them.

     Pacill started walking toward the Thonishians. Horrald could be at one of the other sites. But I don’t think that he is. If The Silver Doe is on this planet, it’s here.

     Maybe he’s already in the ruins below the ruins. Jacci was also on the move. She was walking down a narrow path toward the ruins below.

     I don’t think he’s there, either. I’ve been here for the last two weeks. And he hasn’t shown up yet. True, he could have used a spell to go directly in there. But I don’t think he would do that. There’s too much of a chance he could teleport into the wrong place.

     Jacci was about halfway down that path when she suddenly stopped and looked down at the ruins. Could he has gotten close enough to do an Underground spell? Like maybe from this mountain ridge.

     That’s possible. He could have done that before he teleported in. I didn’t think of that. If he did, I should know it in a little bit. I’m on my way to talk to the Thonishians.

     What do you want me to do? Jacci asked.

     Pacill walked up to the nearest group of Thonishians. He started talking to them. But he was also thinking to Jacci too. I think you need to stay up there and keep your eyes open for Horrald. If he’s not already here, he could be at any time.


     “The Silver Doe wasn’t on Thonish, and neither was Horrald. Pacill just thought that to me. He and Jacci are on their way here now.” Mairon bent down to separate a bunch of remains from the ruins they were in.

     Yena was on the other side of those ruins. She carefully searched through the clutter on the floors in that room. “Maybe we should think back to him to go to the next Wizard World where The Silver Doe might be. It doesn’t look like it’s here on FeOm either.”

     “It wasn’t at the other two GraveDigger sites on this planet. But we just started searching through this one. The Silver Doe could still be on FeOm.”

     “I know we still have most of this village to search through, but it doesn’t look like it’s here either. This is the most logical for it to be. After all, this is where the FeOms kept their displays for public viewing.”

     Mairon got up and slowly scanned those ruins. After scanning it once, he did it a second time. “You may be right about this planet. Maybe we should think back to Pacill he shouldn’t be coming here.”

     “The Silver Doe might not be here, but there could be something here that can tell us why Horrald is looking for it. We still don’t know why Horrald is doing this. I think we still need to search these ruins.”

     “We searched the other two sites for why Horrald has been looking for this for the last three months. And we didn’t find anything in them. I doubt we are going to find anything in these ruins either.”


     “Do any of you know who Horrald is?” Angoria asked after she, Borrele, and Stavon walked up to a group of ten GraveDiggers.

     The GraveDiggers were talking with each other. They turned toward the strangers among them. An older female Lavvican stepped in front of the others. “Of course, we know who Horrald is. After all, Lavvic is a Wizard World. Just because we chose to be GraveDiggers instead of wizards doesn’t mean we don’t know who Horrald is.”

     “I’m sorry,” apologized Angoria. “I didn’t mean to make it sound like that.”

     No one spoke for several minutes. They just stared at each other. It was Borrele who broke the silence. “The reason Angoria asked if you knew Horrald is because we wanted to know if you had seen him here in the last week or two, three the most.”

     “Horrald hasn’t been in this part of Lavvic. But he might have been in another part of our planet. Why do you ask?”

     “It because he’s looking for something. And we know he’s going to be coming here sooner or later.”

     A few seconds later Stavon continued. “Are there any more ruins like this one on Lavvic?”

     “There is fifteen other GraveDigger sites on this planet. If he is there, could be at one of them. Why do you ask?”

     “We already checked out about half of them,” said Borrele. “And he wasn’t at any one of them, either.”

     The female GraveDigger, who has been speaking for all of them so far, turned back to the others. They talked softly among themselves for about a minute. Then the female turned back toward the SpaceWizards. “You said he was looking for something. What is Horrald looking for?”

     “We don’t know exactly what it is,” said Stavon. “But it's called The Silver Doe. Have any of you heard of something called that before?”

     Once again, the GraveDiggers talked among each other four about a minute. “We haven’t heard anything like that. It’s not on this planet.”

     “Why is he looking for it?” The female Lavvican asked.

     It was the SpaceWizards turn to talk to each other for a few minutes. But it was Angoria who spoke to the GraveDiggers when they turned back toward them. “We are still trying to figure that out. We’re still not sure why he wants it so badly.”

     “Is it okay with you if we stay here with you for a few days?” Stavon asked.

     “We want to be here just in case Horrald does show up here,” said Borrele a few seconds later. “Besides, looking over these ruins might tell us why he’s after The Silver Doe.”


     “The planet of Ucog only has one GraveDigger site,” said Pacill as he looked all around him at a large rock floating in Space. “Unfortunately, it’s pretty much the whole planet. This planet has been dead for centuries.”

     “So, The Silver Doe could be here, especially since we don’t know how long it’s been missing. It could have been that long or longer,” said Jacci as she looked around opposite of Pacill.

     No one said anything for several minutes. They just continued circling around each other in shock. “Are you sure there are ruins here?” Jacci asked. “It doesn’t look like anyone has ever lived here.”

     “There hasn’t been anyone living here for at least twenty thousand years. Some say it’s been twice that number. They used to live here. But when they did they did it underground.

     “I thought that Horrald was only looking on Wizard Worlds for it. This sure doesn’t look like a Wizard World to me.”

     Pacill mumbled something. The looked down at the surface of Ucog. “It doesn’t look like one to me either. But it is one. We just don’t know what happened to it.”

     “Maybe it has something to do with The Silver Doe. That would explain why Horrald would want to find it.”

     “We are about to find that out. There’s an entrance to the ruins about a mile from here, and it does down another mile or so before it reaches to ruins in this part of Ucog.”

     Pacill and Jacci started walking for about fifteen minutes. Then Pacill suddenly stopped. “I just got thought to about the planets of FeOm and Lavvic didn’t have The Silver Doe. They also didn’t find anything to help us find it or find out why Horrald is looking for it.”

     “Maybe we will find some answers here. But I don’t think that we will.” Jacci and Pacill started walking again.


     We found it. I mean Yena found The Silver Doe. We’re looking at it right now. thought Mairon.

     It took us all four or five Wizard Worlds each to find it. But we finally did. It’s on the planet of Raak. thought Yena.

     Pacill and Jacci thought back first. But out of the two, it was Pacill who thought it. It will take us a few days to get there. We will get there as quickly as we can.

     A few seconds later Angoria, Borrele, and Stavon thought back to Mairon and Yena. It was Borrele that thought it, though. It’s going to take us about a week to get there. But we will be there.

     Take all the time that you need. thought Yena. The Silver Doe isn’t going anywhere.

     Is it a figurine like we thought that it was? Pacill asked.

     Mairon and Yena looked at each other with big smiles on their faces. It’s more than just a figurine. We also figured out why Horrald was looking for it.

     It took them a little over a week to get there. But they all finally did. Until they did, Mairon and Yena didn’t show the others The Silver Doe. Mairon and Yena took turns watching it. But they didn’t show it until everyone was there. They wanted it to be a huge surprise. And it was.

     The other five SpaceWizards stared at The Silver Doe in shock. They couldn’t believe what they were looking at. Each one of them commented that one way or another. In the center of a largely ruin room, The Silver Doe stood on its back legs was The Silver Doe. It looked like a hoofed animal, but it moved around on only two legs.

     “It’s a Living Figurine,” Borrele said after they stared at in for about an hour. “So, that’s why Horrald was trying to find it.”

     “I still don’t understand,” said Angoria. “Why would Horrald want it?”

     “Because it’s a living,” Stavon answered Angoria’s question. “It used to be just a figurine. But it came alive somehow.”

     Mairon took over a few seconds later. “Horrald thinks that if you could find it, he would find out how they became alive. Then he would use that knowledge to bring back his one true love, Tonnie.”

     “I thought that Tonnie was permanently dead. Doesn’t that mean she can never be brought back alive again no matter what Horrald does or tries to do?” Angoria asked.

     “It does,” said Mairon. “But Horrald doesn’t want to believe that. He will always be looking for a way to do it. And he never will believe it

Word Count = 1,796

© Copyright 2017 PureSciFi - And the Oscar goes (spacefaction at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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