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Inspired by Dr. Seuss &his many books for young & old (like Edward Lear) & more accessible
"Dr. Shush Poetry Contest"
This contest isn’t as easy as it looks
The topic is Dr. Shush, his life and books
Send in your unrhymed senryu
Or enter your well-rhymed haiku

The judges won’t mind
Not that they are really kind or tough
Good rhythm is hard to find
And they never read your stuff

So let’s keep all this hush
Unless you ride a different train
(But in honor of the lively Dr. Shush –
We’d allow frenemies to submit Quatrain)

Next month we will compete with sonnets
The deadline, if I may say, is yesterday
Now, don’t get bees in your bonnets
For it’s not quite April Fool’s Day

Before I go (but not really go away)
May I run this by you, “Parrot Or Pet Poetry”?
For a zinger combo contest, Pet Poems for St. Shush’s Day:
Pet Parrot or Pat Parrot, Pat Poetry or Pet Poetry
Tree Parrot or Free Parrot, Parrot Free and Poet Free
Any tree, really – so long as it’s free (FREE EVERY TREE!)
Poet Tree and Parrotry, or Free Poetry and Tree Poetry;
Last but not least, submit Tree Pets, Three Pats, or Tree Pats and Three Pets
(Just to cover loopholes: allow Parrot pats, Pat Parrots, but no parrot pots)
Poets’ pets, or Poets’ pats, along with Pat Poets and Poet Parrots are a hoot –
Pet Poets and Poet Pats, plus Pet Pats and Pat Pets. I’m done – Don’t shoot!)
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