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e all must love and pray for the Peace of Jerusalem, so help us LORD!
Collaboration with Dalia Shahein"

I, First
My Salem, my shalom, maybe yours as well -
Be well; build a well again – we’ll all be well, or
Better than before in Jerusalem of the heart
Whose Jerusalem made Jesus weep?
“O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, You who kill the Prophets …”
Forgive me, Redirect me, as your beloved exiles sang
Even in despair as long as millennia, you call your own!
Salem of mystery, of history, of prophecy!
Jesus had wanted to gather her under His talit, Robe
Of Righteousness – by our Rabbi of Righteousness.
Jesus showed his royal face and mystery-lineage once
To Abraham, revered Patriarch, respected Father:
As the High-Priest without beginning or end,
Melchizadek, King of Salem & Righteousness!
Who took the first tithe from our father-in-common
And delivered bread and wine: the first Communion
O Jerusalem of Jesus, How Long – how much longer?
I adore Thee like no earthly City
Come Jerusalem, Mother, Father, Heaven, Earth
All tongues sing of Thee, O Jerusalem, Come
II, Second
Jerusalem land of faith, land of all religions on earth
Jerusalem oh beloved Jerusalem, land of martyrs and saintly blood
Jerusalem where Prophet Muhammad rose to the seventh sky
You're the heaven that's on earth
You're the meaning of purity and clarity,
The meaning of beauty and love, Jerusalem –
Land of GOD and all prophets
We seek you, we pray … to be in the hands of GOD
In you we seek to illuminate the darkness from our hearts
In you we seek freedom from our sins
Jerusalem oh beloved Jerusalem
We will die without you; we will fight to love you like others
You belong to God’s children; all of God – yes, ALL of GOD
III, Third
My Jerusalem, Thy Jerusalem, City of Past
And forever; replete with Prophecy – Speak!

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