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Free-verse poetry based on the very first Touhou game.
Beyond the Shingyoku
The maiden journeys through two distant paths
Hell, the realm of torment - Gate of Aka
Makai, the realm of demons and their spells - Gate of Ao
She will defeat the evil spirits

The gates have opened
Darkness awaits her
To repair the shrine of the gods
No matter which way
She shall be tormented by the labors
In order to initiate Misogi

Through the gate of Aka
There is the realm of Hell
The maiden embarks in this demonic journey
She sufferes from the bright light of the damned Moon

Kikuri is the ominous light of Hell
Removing the light of the surface
She encounters this spirit
With the Onmyoudou she conquers the Moon

Mima, master of dark magic, was next to face her
They fought with powerful sorcery
Reimu fires the art of yin and yang
Mima falls, and the maiden moves forward

Deep in the dephs of Hell
There dwells its greatest warrior of the Silent Temple
The Astral Knight, master of the dark sword
They fight in Avici - blood drips everywhere
She uses the orb of light and dark, and beheads her

Through the gate of Ao
There is the realm of Makai
The maiden embarks in this demonic journey
She sufferes thorugh curses and torture

Five eyes watch her and laugh at her
She looks at them face to face
She unleashed the onmyoudou once more
Five eyes falls to this power

She then fights an devil in the wastelands
They fought for hours
The maiden is triumphant once more
Now she enters the ruins

The ruins of the angel of Death
She fights against the fallen
Deep within the abyss
Now she wonders how deep she has truly gotten
The final fight beigns

With the last of onmyoudou
Reimu defeats her opponent
Now Misogi is activated, the shrine is restored
Now she returns from the Abyss
But as she does, the shrine is destroyed once more
In an explosion, it had caught her off guard
Now she lays, to die, in the cold-hearted existence

Her demonic journey, is now over
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