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Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Comedy · #2122748
Some of the ponies are accidentally shrunk to microscopic size and get lost in Ponyville.
By Lukington17 and hmhmh6532

Chapters 13-14

Chapter 13 – Lukington17

Discord smirked to himself as he found himself with a panel which appeared to enable him to control Celestia's emotions. "Oh, the fun to be had" he chortled to himself, taking out the notepad which he'd been taking all those notes on whilst exploring the City of Rainbow Dash earlier. He studied the panel and eventually typed into a keypad a message to order the Princess to say something to the others...
         "Your friendship can't be that strong if you go this long without knowing where they are..." Celestia said snobbishly, much to her companions' surprise - as well as her own surprise, cupping her hoof over her mouth confused as soon as she said it. Princess Cadence herself had turned up at the castle recently, keen to see what was unfolding. She and Applejack exchanged glances.
         Oh..erm..." Applejack was taken aback by this, "I suppose we better see where Pinkie and Fluttershy headed off to".
"No need," chirped a familiar voice, "we couldn't find them" - Fluttershy spoke glumly as she re-entered the room.
         Discord rubbed his hands together and laughed, preparing his next response.
"I should've known", Celestia began, "what good are you ponies when a real guards' search party would've been better".
         Whilst Cadence looked at Celestia in shock, Applejack was beginning to become suspicious, and so she decided to provoke this new-attitude Celestia into another response: "I guess we could leave you to it, your Highness, and go back to our duties in Ponyville".
         "Good, thank Starswirl you can take a hint. I need to crack on with a real investigation here now; you go and do your silly exercises in that town" Celestia said, prompting Fluttershy to become teary-eyed and Rainbow Dash to be angered.

This proved to be one remark too far for Discord and his scheme. All around him in this strange dark room, previously-unseen sirens flashed and an alarm sounded: "Intruder Alert". The door burst open as Kingsy and a large contingent of cellular ponies - all in guard uniform - ordered him out immediately. "I should've known it'd be risky to leave you of all people in this room unattended. Stupid me, stupid stupid me..." Kingsy banged his helmet on his head, "that's at least a month's worth of good work all undone."
         "Excuse me?" Discord asked, confused.
"Well, whenever we succeed in making the Princess do something genuinely selfless, caring or regal - that betters her reputation - we get more tourists here and it brings in our pay" one of Kingsy's men explained glumly.
"So...for every good deed you do, City Hall is able to pay you by reputation growth?"
"More or less. And now thanks to this we'll all be working double-time to regain Celestia's credibility"
Discord felt bitterly ashamed seeing how these cellular ponies struggled to make a living inside the alicorn's body. "And now I must ask you to leave" Kingsy said remorsefully, pointing the way out. Discord trudged back out through the factory but eventually realised he had no idea how to leave the uvula; on his way in he'd simply been absorbed. He turned to ask somepony but there was already a guard right there behind him, gesturing to a small door which led onto a helicopter pad suspended above the Princess' throat. He thought he'd be getting a lift in the chopper to the front of her mouth, but to his surprise he was instead led to a rather uninspired cannon.
         "You just...have a cannon on standby here?" he asked.
"How else do you think we force unwanted germs like snot and spit, etc., off the premises?" And with that the guard loaded Discord into the cannon and set his aim. For Discord, he had an emphatic view of the front of Celestia's mouth, and heard the guard's countdown. He noticed an amusing billboard nearby saying "Thank you for visiting Celestia. Come back again soon!", and the next thing he knew he was flying towards the front of the mouth. He flew past the teeth and out into the open air, so fast that he couldn't take in his surroundings and, before he knew it, he crashed onto the stone floor. Shaking his head he got himself up, and looked around at the cellular universe which was fast becoming problematic. However, after walking around for a few minutes, he saw the very thing he needed and his eyes lit up: his purple potion. A large drop of it lay on the floor, probably from the spill earlier with Luna; with a smile on his face he ran to it.

Meanwhile, Cadence had been asking Celestia if she felt alright, to which Celestia had replied that she had no idea what made her say such unhelpful comments there. Applejack was remembering the similar incident earlier that day when Rainbow Dash's blinking had given a sign that the microscopic gang had ended up inside her. "I've got a feeling Discord was behind it, Dash" Applejack said, now turning her attention to unsuspecting Rainbow Dash.
         Rainbow groaned. "Ugh, this totally seems like his kind of idea for a joke"
As if on cue, Discord appeared in the room. "Ahohoo" he laughed, "who isn't ever in the mood for a joke, Rainbow Dash?"
         "Discord! Where have you been?" Celestia demanded, as the other ponies frowned at him.
"My dear Celestia, I've been closer than you can possibly imagine. I have, however, formulated a solution to our little issue - if you'll pardon the pun".
         Pinkie jumped excitedly: "Ooooh tell us, tell us!" The two princesses agreed.
"Okay, it's very simple" Discord began, "for you see, I know where our pony friends have gone. To get them back, all I have to do is - "
Before he'd even finished his sentence, he clicked his fingers and no sooner had he done so than he had vanished right before the eyes of all the disgruntled ponies there.
         "What a creep! He totally ditches again when we're counting on him!" Rainbow screamed, as Fluttershy shook her head.

Discord was back down to microscopic size having flown back to the lab and picked up samples of his potions which he slipped into Twilight's satchel which he still had with him. Discord had left so abruptly because he knew what he had to do; he'd thought over it as he flew along his cannon flight. I need to re-enter Rainbow's body and meet the others; I must show them how sorry I am...I'll clean up after the mess I've left, and I'll use what I learnt in Celestia to improve Rainbow! Who knows, maybe I could become a real hero in that city... He couldn't have told this plan to the ponies in the hall; it could've compromised the entire mission, especially given Rainbow's apprehension to the whole idea. To aid his quest, he'd protected his wings from the potion by encasing them in an anti-Zeromac substance he'd tested. Thus, he was able to fly up towards Rainbow at a much faster pace.

Chapter 14 – Lukington17

Twilight, Spike, Rarity and Luna were enjoying their generous tour of the city. After their exclusive trip to the wings, they were shown a Dashies Antibody Army barracks stationed in one of her wing muscles, where many training exercises and drills were taking place. Then they had visited the upmarket district of the city: Neck Hill. This swanky neighbourhood was essentially constructed all along the inside of the back of Rainbow's neck, and many famous cells from the city lived there: it was like Applewood Hills in Las Pegasus! They had gone to visit the area which they had first entered when the shard of ice pierced Rainbow's hoof; construction teams, policeponies and DAA troops were all dispatched to oversee an efficient clean-up as blood had poured out and germs had attempted to come in. It was all like a border control, the gang thought. In this incredible microcity, the cellular ponies travelled around best by the Nervous, Muscular and Circulatory transit systems. The gang had taken each line, but the Circulatory was by far the most busy. Ponies were rushing around the stations and cars like it was Grand Central Station in Manehattan! This line actually served both cars and subway trains, meaning there was double the congestion. Each line went up to the brain though, and eventually the gang returned there. First they sat in the cinema to watch another daydream, this time showing Rainbow coming second in a flying race, with her parents cheering overly-enthusiastically. It was strange to see that all the audience of ponies reacted just as Rainbow had - they all groaned and mutters how embarrassing it was! Interesting, they really do all have a say in how she behaves, Twilight thought. Eventually the gang meandered through the hallways of City Hall to the Mayor's office. It was a swooping room which overlooked this hub of activity in the city, Brain Central.
         "Mr. Mayor, it's truly inspired. We're so grateful for you letting us roam around freely!"
"But of course! You, all of you, have helped Rainbow transform into the heroic and awesome pony she is today" he replied.
Just as he offered to shake hoof, his phone rang and a monitor above showing Rainbow's head flashed a red light on her nose area. "What is it, Marjorie?"
         "Sir, there's a build-up in Nasal Route 2, and it seems to be due to that creature from earlier"
"So send some RDPD there to clear it up"
         "They're already there, Sir. He was caught sticking up posters of himself, and 'Lost' posters asking to see the very guests I believe you've just greeted"
"Fine, fine - send a car for him, Marjorie, and - "
         "That won't be necessary, Mr Mayor" Twilight interjected, "he'll just cause more trouble in here. We'll go to him."
The Mayor nodded and arranged the car to take the gang to the nose. The gang sat in the car as they made their way through twists and turns, tunnels and overpasses through Rainbow's internal maze of veins and muscles. "Oh, good - I didn't get enough of Rainbow Dash's snot all over me earlier" Rarity said sarcastically, as Spike shook his head in agreement.

Eventually they reached the Nasal District, and proceeded to enter Passage 2, which appeared to be much more congested. A sign warned "Danger: Booger Dam construction work scheduled: expect delays". The driver pulled up and the gang got out to find a scene of chaos, policeponies blowing whistles, drivers shouting at each other, and there in the middle...was Discord. On the one hand, they were happy to see him after a while, but on the other they were irritated further.
         "Discord! Can you venture anywhere without causing chaos like this?!" Luna barked.
"Oooh, goodie" Discord exclaimed as he ran to hug his companions. Marjorie had been right about the posters of them with 'Lost' above their faces, saying 'please contact Discord if found'. More bizzare were the posters of himself, political Obama-style posters saying things like 'Hope' and 'Time for change'.
         "What is the meaning of all this?!" Twilight asked, "You better have finished cleaning up the uvula."
"I haven't finished there yet, no. But I have made an important discovery I wish to discuss with you, Princess. First let us get away from this madness." And he presented his protected wings as he flew them up to the top of the Booger Dam one by one. Once there, he began: "the cellular ponies here have a strange method of income which depends on the host's reputation. Whatever good deeds Rainbow Dash does, whatever heroic things, the cellular ponies involved get paid." He couldn't risk slipping out his attempted take-over of Luna's sister, so he kept his lips tight at this point. He went on, "I've made observations all this time to help my campaign because I believe I can make some real changes in this city, as Mayor I'll clean up this one-horse town - heehee - to make Rainbow Dash a better pony as well!"
         After a brief pause Rarity snapped: "That's ridiculous! The Mayor is doing a perfect job and Rainbow Dash is a better pony than you'll ever know!" Spike nodded in agreement.
         "You head right on down to her mouth and finish what you started in there! I'll hear no more of this madness" Luna ordered.
"Very well" Discord murmured. I'll finish what I started, alright. Unbeknownst to the gang, Discord had earlier planted a small detonator in Rainbow's sinuses - it blew off sending fragments into the nasal hairs and leaving a large crack in the Booger Dam, and sure enough - to a policepony's despair - a wave of snot began to sweep through.

Princess Cadence was talking Celestia through a complex briefing about the full-scale search party mission her guards were about to conduct, but she was not a good talker...Applejack and Pinkie Pie sat half-asleep, Rainbow Dash yawned, and Fluttershy looked preoccupied. "So in short, we must tend to this search immediately" Cadence concluded.
         "Good. Oversee preparations" Celestia decreed calmly, as Cadence ordered her top guards in.
Suddenly, Rainbow jumped up from her slump and giggled, waking herself but also a startled Pinkie and Applejack. "What in the wide world of sports are y'all playin' at, Rainbow Dash?!" Applejack demanded.
         "Haha I have no idea, but my nose totally tickles right now - aaa...aaCHOOO!" She sneezed loudly and even Celestia appeared surprised. "Excuse me, Princess" Rainbow said sheepishly, brushing her nose slightly with her hoof.

Inside her nose, the Booger Dam Operations chief sighed as a crisis was averted. He had had no option but to give the order for an emergency sneeze to remove the snot which had threatened the traffic. The cellular ponies and their cars were safe: they simply buckled up and their cars would stick to the surfaces; it was standard practice but the chief didn't like to do it often because of the inconvenience of it all. Maintenance teams were now cleaning the shards wedged in and around the nasal hairs, whilst others were welding the dam's crack. The policeponies were trying to bring order to the traffic, but with Nasal Passage 1 closed due to a blockage, it was still congested. The gang were busy helping clear away Discord's posters and even signing autographs and posing for pictures with eager fans as they travelled by.
         What they didn't know was that Discord had not gone back to Rainbow's mouth. He had instead travelled to Chesterton, the district surrounding the heart and lungs. This was a popular area that had loads of nightclubs, bars and restaurants and young ponies out and about. He stood himself on a small stage built in front of The Aorta Apollo theatre, and began a speech about his promises to change the city for the 'better'. Within minutes he found his audience had doubled, as ponies walking about stopped to listen and curious commuters were even slowing down on the roads above to listen. Eventually he had convinced a vast crowd to cheer him on, and he explained that he would go and propose his policies to the Mayor (he secretly planned to kick him out) to a series of cheers. Discord arrived at the brain and entered the Mayor's office, where he leaned in menacingly and let out a sinister laugh. After he'd told the Mayor that the citizens wanted him as Mayor, the Mayor turned to look out his window and saw a crowd of ponies singing Discord's name, holding up his face posters and pictures of Rainbow Dash saying "let's make Dashie even greater". The Mayor sighed for he was old but before he responded, Discord simply tied him up and locked him in his own office cupboard! He then went out onto a balcony and waved at the people as his face appeared on monitors and screens across the body: workers looked up from their stomach wall repairs, whilst beachgoers on the other side of the stomach saw too; residents of Neck Hill saw it on their sets; Oovla and her department looked on in horror from their offices in the uvula; even adventurous walkers in Tail County heard it on their radios.
         Not before long, Discord saw through RainbowVision that Celestia had sent Rainbow, Applejack, Fluttershy and Pinkie Pie back to Ponyville, claiming the matter to be too sophisticated and specialist, much to their chagrin.
         "As if Celestia kicked us out! This is totally our business!" Rainbow moaned.
"Our friends are lost" Applejack agreed.
"There's nothing we can do anymore" Fluttershy muttered.
"Well, I don't think so!" Rainbow stressed. "You forget, I'm the loyal one" she smirked. Fluttershy didn't look impressed as the foursome debated what to do.
         "Perhaps if we sent out a Friendship distress signal from her castle, Twilight would come back" Rainbow offered.
"You know what, y'all? I think we should just leave it to the Princesses, if I'm honest" Twilight knows what she's doin" Applejack sighed. The ponies agreed as they set off to their respective homes for the night; it was now quite late.

Discord laughed slyly as he watched the sun set through Rainbow's eyes. Nighttime would be the perfect time to cause mischief around the City! Before this could happen, Rainbow Dash bumped into Scootaloo.
         "Oh, hey Scootaloo." Rainbow said, almost uninterested.
"Rainbow Dash! I'm so glad I ran into you, I need your help for something" Scootaloo said.
"Shouldn't you be in bed already? It's late for you now Scootaloo"
"Well, yeah but...basically there's this 'big sibling' treasure hunt tomorrow, and I thought since you're like my big sis..."
Rainbow smirked with pride, but then shook her tired head. "Scootaloo look, I've had a really long day and I need to get some rest. This is too late. I'm totally about to fall asleep any min- " Rainbow began snoring deliberately loudly as she snoozed then and there.
         Scootaloo nudged her awake and pressed further, "Come on, it won't take long - I just need you to sign - "
"NO! Scootaloo, I'm super tired and I've already said no!" Rainbow finally snapped.
Scootaloo began to shed a tear. "Okay...I guess having a sister figure like this isn't worth having tomorrow" she said, before running away with tears in her eyes, and leaving Rainbow Dash behind wearing a sad expression, upset to have let down her big fan.

Of course, Discord had activated the voice over-ride from the Mayor's office, and had basically made Rainbow tell Scootaloo to get lost. Poor Rainbow was left upset but within her head Discord began to oversee the nighttime arrangements. Rainbow made her way to bed up in her cloud mansion. Curisouly, all the lights in the city were dimmed as soon as Discord activated 'sleep mode', as the pegasus curled up for the night. Going for a stroll downtown, he noticed that the whole city was pretty much all asleep and in near-darkness as only the unfortunate night-shift cellular ponies oversaw basic functions in the Respiratory department and Circulatory Line transit system. "Ooh, what a wonderful idea!" Discord chirped, as he headed back to Brain Central's cinema to watch Rainbow's dream live. A few citizens were up late watching it with him, as Rainbow appeared to be dreaming about the time she had been irritated by Pinkie Pie's sister Maud and her rock obsession. Rainbow even grunted in her sleep, but she then proceeded to snore loudly.
         Oovla and Toby were the only people still awake in the MSD offices in the uvula. They watched the front of the mouth as it opened and closed with every snore. Air came rushing in and out as it went down below them into the Respiratory department. "Not the easiest day's work, if I'm honest" Toby said.
         "You can say that again" Oovla agreed, sighing. Suddenly, the elevator doors 'pinged' open and Twilight appeared with her friends. "Ah, Princess Twilight! I believe we met briefly down on the observation deck. I'm Oovla, head of the MSD here".
Twilight greeted her, as did the others, but then Twilight looked concerned.
         "Has Discord finished cleaning his graffiti yet?" she asked.
"Erm, no he hasn't...I believe the Mayor thought it unnecessary" Oovla replied awkwardly. Citizens are expected to remain fully subservient to their Mayor and so neither Oovla nor Toby could say a word against him now.
         "What does the Mayor have to do with it?" Rarity thought out loud.
"We're going to go and see the Mayor right now then" Luna decided, as they headed back into the lift and caught an empty Nervous Line train back to the brain.

Discord was sitting in the office sorting out his papers in an attempt to decide which policy would keep the citizens happiest if he acted on first. Should he increase tourism by making Rainbow invent a new flight pattern for the Wonderbolts? Should he raise taxes in Neck Hill in an effort to improve living conditions for those in the lower South side? The Mayor had also mentioned their continuing struggles with narcolepsy...Or maybe he could approve planning for a new night club scheduled to open in the stomach... His mind was turning towards the MSD and their dire situation when the doors slammed open and Twilight's gang burst in. "Discord, what are you doing?!" Twilight demanded. "You've no right to be here."
         "You simply can't just waltz on into a city and overthrow the Mayor" Rarity protested.
"Oh, dear Rarity, apparently I can" he retorted with a chuckle. "Look at what I've done already" he said, gesturing to the plaza outside. As the ponies turned to the window, Discord pressed some buttons and flicked a switch, having decided what he was to do first: wake up Rainbow and have her brush her teeth. He reasoned that, by improving the conditions of the mouth, it would no longer have to remain off-limits to the public, but instead they could actually offer tours up there and generate profits! He dialled a number for the Dental Hygiene Unit and demanded a team to come to his office. Just as he did this, Spike turned around.
         "Yeah, there's noting different. Other than your stupid face all over the place" he said bitterly, , looking out at the ridiculous posters of Discord everywhere. Luna simply shook her head. The DHU team came in all of a sudden, four of them, looking grumpy at this time of night.
         "What the hell is this about now?" Twilight asked coincidentally in unison with the team's leader.
"Well, I've been feeling awful for how I behaved earlier. I figured the best way to go about apologizing would be to polish up this town!" Discord exclaimed proudly, turning to the DHU: "Now in a minute we're going to rep a tong (this was slang for wake the host, he'd read it in the documents in the office earlier, and it left the others confused for now) and I want you at your stations because it's action time!"
         "We're on strike" one of the team said sulkily.
"Ah yes but for the very reason which I am to rectify" he said, gesturing towards his control panel. The team appeared to get the hint and looked pleased as they hurried off down the hall.
         "Erm, 'rep a tong', Discord? Some kind of city-talk?" Spike jibed.
"I recognised those jackets; they were from the mouth earlier...what are you doing to Rainbow?" Luna asked.
"Oh you'll see. Come with me" Discord ushered them out, whilst the Mayor - still tied up in the broom closet - muffled for help in vain.

Discord led the gang out to the cinema through the darkened streets. They even spotted a couple of dodgy-looking street criminals making transactions, presumably small-time germs and bacteria like flu or stomach ache symptoms. They reached the cinema, but Discord led them to the 'backstage'. The cinema's backstage was a breath-taking sight: an immense room of screens and file-cabinets, all displaying events of Rainbow Dash's life - good and bad times. The left side was distinctly nightmare-fuel events, whilst the right was filled with pleasant memories and, in fact, one monitor was lit up and linked to the projector as it was currently showing the time when the Mane 6 had overcome Lord Tirek after he had converted Discord himself. "Now be very careful" Discord urged, "because if you touch anything you could severely alter her dream." The gang trod carefully before Twilight eventually asked him why he had brought them here. "Well you see, I'm planning to wake Rainbow Dash up, so that she can bru - "
         "No! You leave her alone!" Rarity interrupted, charging at him with a fierece look on her face as she sought to defend her friend.
"But, you see I'm trying to - "
"Not a word, Discord! That's enough from you" Twilight said, as she managed to summon magic from her horn in an effort to freeze Discord. He dodged the shot but the shot ricocheted off a screen.
         ---Rainbow frowned in her sleep, looking pained. ---
"Careful!" Discord said, but the Princesses had heard enough and continued to aim at him, this time pushing him onto the screen currently projecting. It tilted the projector onto the five of them as they struggled unaware.
         ---With a vision of her friends and Discord seemingly in a fight, Rainbow moaned and sprang up. "Huh?!" she looked around startled, and wiped warm drool from her mouth.----
         The fivesome froze wide-eyed in horror as they realised what had happened. Even the cellular ponies in the cinema began to complain where the movie had gone. "Wh-what happens now?" Spike asked nervously.
"We better hope my team are on the case, that's what happens" Discord muttered.
         ---An idea seemed to come to Rainbow's head, as she sleepily walked over to her sink and picked up her toothbrush.---
Relieved that his plan had gone relatively to plan, he dusted his hands of the matter and then flew out the room before the gang could stop him. "Dammit! We have to catch him!" Twilight urged.

It was morning by the time the gang woke up. They had fallen asleep on a bench in a park near in the Ears Valley district. All around, this bustling city was active and busy - this meant Rainbow was also awake, they realised. Luna led them to the brain, but they were stopped by some cellular ponies. "Have you heard the news?!"
         "No, what news?"
"Rainbow brushed her teeth last night! First time in months!"
"What's it to you?" Spike asked.
"Well, my husband Danid works for the MSD - apparently Mouth county will soon be presentable enough for me to visit, and so will everypony else!" the two ponies shrieked with joy. "This is all thanks to the Mayor, he promised us he'd help the city"
And with that the two of them hurried off, and the gang observed various other groups of ponies talking about it excitedly. Even the newspapers in the nearby kiosk had it as front-page news.
         "So that's what he was up to" Spike said.
"He was trying to do something good" Twilight bowed her head, feeling bad.
"Heavens darling, thank goodness Rainbow Dash brushed her teeth - absolutely dreeaadful for her to not do so!" Rarity exclaimed.
         "Maybe he really could be good for this city..."
"Be that as it may, we still have to get out of here. It's not right. Think how worried all your friends must be, including Rainbow Dash" Luna pointed out, and nodding in agreement they headed up the elevator once more.

After a difficult apology to Scootaloo this morning, Rainbow Dash had gone to Sugarcube Corner to meet Pinkie Pie for brunch, and Applejack was quick to join them as she walked past. "I seeeriously hope Princess Celestia's made some discovery or something" Rainbow said as she slouched in her chair.
         "If she has, we'll be first to hear about it I'm sure" said Applejack.
"I just hope they're safe, probably terrifying being so small like that" Rainbow thought sadly.
         "Ah well. Who's ready for some super-duper scrumptious fooood?" Pinkie said, practically bouncing off the walls carefree.
"I sure am, y'all!" Applejack said cheerily.
"Oh maaan, I'm soooo ready for a pasta and potato sandwich" Rainbow rubbed her tummy.
         "Oh" Pinkie said, discreetly throwing her sweetcorn fritters she'd prepared for Rainbow to one side under the counter. "One sec."

Back in Rainbow's brain, the gang had burst into the Mayor's office, ignoring Marjorie's protests that 'he's in a meeting'. They confronted Discord and demanded to know where the real Mayor was. It was then that they heard a muffle. Spike opened the closet door and gasped, before removing the tape over the Mayor's face.
         "Thank Celestia! This draconequus is a lunatic, he must be expelled immediately! This is the thanks I get for such courtesy and hospitality to you?! You set this monster on me so that you can take over your friend's body?" the Mayor was furious.
         No, no, Mr. Mayor we had nothing to do with this. We separated from Discord briefly whilst we were on our tour, and he ventured elsewhere, here apparently" Twilight assured him.
         The Mayor calmed down for a minute and nodded his head. "I can't imagine you would do such a thing, Princess. You must forgive me; I'm just not used to being overthrown so quickly. I have to say, I could use a political advisor like Discord"
         Discord looked excitedly at the Princesses, but Luna spoke up: "I'm afraid that's simply not possible. None of us may remain here; we must return to our society and our friends." The Mayor understood, and escorted them through the hall, past a cute statue of the Mane Six labelled "Loyalty pays off". They carried on upstairs to the roof of City Hall - the very top of Rainbow's brain - where he had a private helicopter waiting.
         "You're always most welcome to return any time! We're happy to have had such esteemed guests here in the City of Rainbow Dash" the Mayor said cheerfully.
         "You've been incredibly kind and forgiving, Mr. Mayor. We hope we haven't caused too much inconvenience" Twilight said.
"Nonsense! Anyway, I have to get back to work; the stomach teams have just informed me we've got a childhood favourite coming down any minute now!"
         They said their goodbyes and then they were off. Rainbow's pasta-potato sandwich on sourdough, Twilight thought to herself, I bet the muscle experts will enjoy using all those carbs... The gang discussed all the fun they'd had - Discord even admitted to leaving behind some 'tips' for the Mayor on his desk - but then Luna spoke seriously.
         Neither Rainbow Dash nor anypony else can ever know about this incredible discovery we've made over the past day. It would compromise the economy and very function of the cities and also psychologically damage ponies like Rainbow. Understood?" The gang nodded, but Luna wasn't convinced by a distracted Discord. "As for you..." she began, before summoning a magic spell from her horn and blasting Discord with it. With him apparently frozen in a blue bubble, Rarity asked what it was. "It's a memory-erasing spell. It'll make him forget everything from the past day or so. I'll wake him when we're out and normal again."
         The helicopter carried them up to the Ears Valley, right up to the outer perimeter of the ear canal, where risk-taking hikers waved them by. "I'll drop you all off on in your castle, Princess" the pilot offered, but Twilight shook her head.
         "That won't be necessary, you can drop us off as soon as we leave whatever room Rainbow is in right now" she said. Whilst the others looked at her in surprise, she explained. "Look: we have what we need" and she presently removed her satchel from Discord's neck while he sat motionless. Out of the satchel came the two potions. Luna cheered gleefully as she pointed at the purple one longingly. The helicopter had now reached the outer ear, and they passed a billboard saying Thank you for visiting the City of Rainbow Dash, stay cool!.

The helicopter flew out into the room, and the gang turned to look back at their gigantic friend in person. Rainbow was munching on her sandwich, and Pinkie Pie and Applejack were enjoying brunch with her! It was great to see them again. As soon as they were out of sight, down an alleyway, they thanked the pilot - who went off back to the life he and millions of others lived completely oblivious to normal ponies - and applied the potion to themselves. Spike was so happy he even kissed the ground he stood on, as Rarity and Twilight exchanged a brohoof whilst Luna woke Discord. Twilight ordered Spike to send a letter to Canterlot letting them know they were safe. They knew they had just experienced something they'd never be able to share with any other pony, ever. Still, the look on their friends' faces when they walked into the room was enough to melt one's heart. Pinkie ran to hug them all, whilst Applejack and Rainbow Dash cheered them.
         "Y'all made it! What in Equestria happened?" Applejack asked.
"It's a long story. Cut short, we had a mix-up in the Canterlot lab and all had an argument trying to decide a strategy...eventually we travelled on a feather up to a table where we were able to apply our potions and get back to normal!" Twilight explained.
         "Yawn, boring - I totally expected you to come back with some awesome adventure story" Rainbow moaned, whilst Spike and Rarity exchanged an amused glance as Rainbow took a large bite out of her sandwich.
         Twilight sent Spike to go and fetch Fluttershy, and handed her potions over to Luna quietly; Luna presently said goodbye and headed off back to Canterlot with a still-dazed Discord. As Spike returned, they all sat together and shared stories of misadventures of the Mane 6.
         "I never want to see those potions again!" Spike whispered to Twilight.
Twilight laughed, "Don't worry, Spike, we never will. Next time I want to make a potion, remind me to make it a household one" The two laughed as the gang sat and chatted happily.

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