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Mysterious satellite makes contact.
The Binary Warning

Kathleen McNamara

Dear Dad,

For a long time now, you and Mom knew that I was working on a special project at the observatory. You never pushed for information about what I was doing. As I told you, when the time was right I would tell you. Well, that time has arrived. If you are reading this, we have had Contact.

For a very long time, we have been watching something that has been orbiting us at the North Pole. This has been going on for ages. Ancient astronomers recorded seeing this object in their skies. It may be older than the all the records we have, we don’t know. All we know is that for a long time, the Organization has operated under the assumption that we are being observed.

I arrived at the lab last night to find both of my colleagues glued to the monitor on my desk. Volumes of binary code were filling that screen at a non-stop pace. The printer was running at full steam to record the information it was receiving. There was no question where this was coming from. The incoming feed from the camera trained on that mysterious satellite, revealed that whatever it was, it was the source. The camera had started recording flashing light activity at the same time the code started arriving. Just as mysteriously as the transmission started, it stopped. No more ones, or zeroes, or lights. Just silence, from the machines and us.

We had just started to flip through the reams of code, when the lab managers burst into the room and hurriedly ushered us out. They led the three of us to a conference room for a debriefing. We knew what would happen next. The protocol had been established long ago. Our jobs at the observatory were terminated at that moment. The Organization ordered us not to tell anyone what we observed. We were being transferred, as a team, to another lab. It was their way of trying to control the situation. Keeping the three of us together, they could control the flow of information.

Well, the code has been cracked and the message is not good. It only confirms what the scientists have been worried about for quite some time. The magnetic pole shift is imminent. I will be staying with the Organization to try to mitigate the outcome of that shift. The Black Knight, the name given to that mysterious orbiting visitor, has started to shift slightly with the field at the pole. Perhaps, that is why they have been here all along, to warn us.

I went to great lengths to get this letter smuggled to you. You and Mom need to start to get yourselves and the rest of the family prepared. Don’t worry about me; I am safe here. You know where to go to keep everyone safe. When I can, I will join all of you. Until then, remember that I love you and Mom very much.

Admittedly Scared,


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