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Making waves in the world of crime

He stood in the Picket line out side the Teamsters work site. Their was a contracted Dispute. He stood next to Sal, He looked over at the portly man. The fresh envelope in Laython's pocket. Sal spoke. “Lay, this is what I was telling you about that man there is Reggie he Persistent of Local 213.”

Laython watched quietly. He smiled he did not look at Sal. “what does he want done?”

Sal looked over at a man on the work site. “See the man in the orange hat. Their was a man in a orange hat. Laython only nodded. “That man owns the Labor company that providing the scab drives for this Site.”

Laython listened to the captain. Convince him to stop his men from coming here. That will force the project to come back to the table and meet the union's demands ill be sure they understand that this is a gift from you and that they will need to repay it in time.

Laython turned to the man the capo. Trucks moving in and out of the site in the evening scag drives in the seat's. “You have his address yes”

Sal nodded “it in the envelop.”

“Very well ill handle him he will withdraw his people by morning.”

“I Thank you Lay, what do you need from me?'

Laython smiled “nothing for now” the time would come and soon. He had plans for Sal.

Laython stepped away and headed for his Bike and the address he been given. He slipped off his bike around the corner and moved silently hugging the shadows. And waited it was after 2 before the man was home their been no lights on in the house.

Laython had looked at what was given the names of this mans family and and their address in Texas he had a son of 12 it was said he was good athlete. That would be his threat. Fear, threat hope, Promise that was the formula he planed on using tonight.

A cab pulled up and he got out and headed for the door. He been drinking. The cab pulled away and laython waited for it to be gone. He crossed the street quickly stopping the door before it filly closed. The man looked up startled. His eye flared as he was filled with fear his mouth opened to scream but noise did not escape he back away quickly and cowered against the wall.

“You will have your people Abandon the Central Trucking yard contracted. Your son is Jamie and he live on 223 avenue B in grad pradie Texas. If you fail to do this I will he him paralyzed and he will never again walk.”

The man still could not speak Layhton let his coat fall open so the Mac-10 was viable. And eased up on the gaze. “If you scream he will be paralyzed if you go to the cops he will be paralyzed do we have a understanding.

He nodded fear still gripping him but not as it did this fear was in deed from him. Their is though a way for you to come out this night well you will petition membership for your company with teamsters local 213. They will indeed accepted after you have ordered your men off their jobs abandoning trucks at the closest stops to were they are. They will accepted you”

the room will fill with awe and the man believed everything told him. He now wanted to please Laython,

“you will do as your have been told yes?”

He nodded

“Good,” Laython used his Underworld phone and called Sal “I am here with our friend can you see his account filled.” he listened a moment “Good” he hung up.

“20,000 has been put in your name and will be dropped in a account once you have done all I have said. Play well do what I have told you and I will see you raised to a place of authority. You work for me now. I will expected 3 points every week”

“What is your name?” he whispered reverently.

“I am Lay and we will speak again Reggie Paul Jones. Serve me well and you will be rewarded prove your self worth of rewarded do as commanded”

He turned and walked out. The man would do as commanded he felt fear and a promise of life and he some how trusted the man called Lay. Trucks were abandoned by 10:00 am the strike was over Teamster 213 had their contracted and Sal had his new cut Laythons profit increased he would need to learn more of money.
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