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by dallas
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No matter what you do, Never give up.
To me life is nothing but a mystery. In my life story there's so many ways i could go about explaing it to you. I'm going to tell you as easy and explainable as i can. From countless times i've counted the littles cracks on a wall just to make time go by. Crack by crack, I've waited on a explanation to myself on why i would sit and deprive myself to be so bored to count cracks. But still as time went by i let myself believe what i was doing was the right thing to do. From crack to crack i let the littlest things go through my mind, no matter what it was it. Good days and bad days no matter which one, my mind would sink in to deep thoughts, id pull my self up to tell myself that i could do better i could achieve much more than wasted time.
As i would sit and let time pass me by, i finally realized its been weeks without me knowing.
Finally picking up the pieces from where i left off, i built trust in things i knew would never make sense. With people downgrading the only things that i had known. To me the only things i knew keeping me sane was always right in front of me. From disappointing writings i had written when i was first starting out, To the almost decent ones i write now could always keep me from blowing out of porportion. I may not always say it out loud, or let my feelings show. But they are always there. Everyday deep down theres always a feeling inside of me that makes me feel like i need to get a pen and piece of paper and write down every little thing that is going on around me.
To letting my self down and throwing away a few pieces of paper away that had words that never made sense. To now finally realizing those words that never made sense would always add up and one day be readable. Now that i know what makes sense and what doesn't i realized i had to believe in myself in order for my own dreams to come true.
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