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Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Mystery · #2123046
A dark mystery unfolds after a child watches a weird dream.

It was close to midnight. The weather was stormy, it was drizzling outside, and the sound of thunder grew louder and louder as the time passed. The loud sound of thunder was not enough to affect her sleep. After her weary day, she was sound asleep, but in spite of being asleep, she was awake, awake in an another place, a place with a dense forest, which was dark and calm, calmer than the world outside where the heavy drizzle and the roar of thunder could have been a nightmare for any girl of her age, but she so was obscured in her dream that it did not mattered her a bit. She was a thin girl, aged eight years, white in colour, whiter than her own parents. Her grandmother who often called her "Britisher", was asleep beside her as deeply asleep as she was. She was right, she was the most white and beautiful child born in her entire Indian family.
The child who was dreaming could not see clearly where she was up to, as the sight was appearing to be dull and everything was appearing blurred, dark black mist somewhat, but she was walking, and she kept walking. Though she could not see anything properly, she realized that it was darker, but she felt chilling, not because of the actual whether outside, but the haunt that those trees brought her. Unable to realize where to go, she kept walking straight, as she heard wolves howling, owls screeching; even the woods appeared to be screaming. But the brave child kept walking slowly and carefully.
Few moments later she realized that her feet were stuck, she was unable to move, worried and the chill of terror slowly deepened inside her. Before she could realize what to do , a hoard of flying species gathered in front of her eyes , the dull vision made harder for her to realize what the thing was , but she guessed it were black but not crows . Those flying species did not make any sound; she still only heard the sounds of owl, terrible howl of wolves, other wild animals she could not identify, but not of them." Might be bats", she thought, she had a good knowledge of animals; she always read a lot about species, especially non humans. Bats or whatever they were, their numbers increased in front of her, to such an extent that the sight which firstly appeared to be blurred, now appeared to be darker, almost black. She was helpless, her feet was grounded like something has grabbed her. Now she felt more traumatised as the species struck her in the face and she her legs still felt completely numb.
But it did not last that long, those species soon began to fly away, and the darkness slowly and gradually faded, but the dullness did not. She then saw a more disturbing sight, a sight of someone sitting, on knees, between a copses. She started feeling that she could move now, her feet began to move slowly forward towards her. When she moved closer and closer towards her she began to realize it was a woman, not naked but the sight appeared so blurred she could not identify what she was wearing. When she finally reached towards her ,to her astonishment she was speaking something, something in a gloomy tone , "ISMAS", ''KISMAS" , "KRISMAS"... and it went on and on and even louder and intense. Afterwards she heard the exact word she spoke, but it was in a melancholic but horrible in tone, "KRISMAAS", it was so loud that it terrified the child so much that she finally awaked in terror, and the thunder which was roaring in the outside world terrified the little soul even more, and in her dismay the girl started crying. But it was even worse; she started screaming, "KRISMAAS", "KRISMAAS", repeating it so loud that her granny woke up in horror herself tensed about the behaviour about the child, whom she tried to calm down.
Few steps ahead in the next room a couple were beginning to make love, the man who was nearly aged 30 , temperate coloured , with a perfect physique , a body like steel black but not so much grown beard, completely naked , and was kissing her wife passionately . Her wife more lascivious than him grabbed the man from the waist as tightly as she could. In this stormy weather, it was a perfect moment for them to make love, to warm each other's body. They both were in brutally steamy mood. The woman was only in her panties, and the man removed it as briskly as he could, and began to softly kiss her vagina and gradually drilled his tongued inside her. That made woman was moaning loud, so loud that the sound of the thunder and drizzle was becoming peeved in front of it. "Stop teasing and fuck me!" she exclaimed.
Their sensual moment was interrupted with a hard knock at the door. A shout came, "Aryan opens the door!"
The man had to remove his face from the vagina and jump away from the bed. He wore a towel to cover his penis, while the woman who was appalled and angry because of the interruption covered her naked body with a blanket. Aryan opened the door where he saw her mother extensively worried.
"Niharika has again watched some scary dream; she is screaming something strange, come quickly!" The words of her mom disturbed Aryan to this core and he went out of the room in the towel itself, leaving his wife who was still naked. "Ishita, won't you also go and see her", said the old granny. She gave her no reply but her face showed she was enraged by all this. The granny gave her a displeased look and left the room.
Aryan entered his daughter's room, who was still terrified, shouting "KRISMAAS","KRISMAAS". He tried to calm her down, "Niharika, what happened dear?" She jumped from the bed and ran towards her father. "She said "KRISMAAS" dad."
"Who Niharika? "asked Aryan.
"A woman I saw, she was scary, very scary", Niharika said, without making an eye contact with her dad.
"Don't worry dear; it was just a bad dream."
Niharika started repeating the same word, "KRISMAAS","KRISMAAS".
Now it began to make Aryan more worried. He said to his mom, "Mom could you sleep for a moment in a hall? I want to be with her for a sometime. ""Sure", she said and the granny left the room. Aryan wore his shirt and put Niharika to bed who was still repeating the same word ,"KRISMAAS","KRISMAAS". Aryan waved his hand on her daughter's hair whose voice slowly began to lower. He was a Para commando of Indian Army, a very high and respected rank, who returned his hometown Indore after nearly eight months. He wanted to spend time with both his daughter and his wife, but looks like his has to sacrifice one for the other. Her wife would be angry, after such a long time she was in such a romantic mood, all of which was destroyed. Such weather was loved by both of them to make love. He loved his daughter a lot, and currently he was anxious about her. He was lightly padding her back, and waved his hand over her head, her face was near his chest. Her daughter , who was now very lightly murmuring ,"KRISMAAS", "KRISMAS" , ''KISMAS" , "ISMAS", and it slowly slept after half an hour. Though she was asleep he still was worried about how she behaved. He slowly left the room, covering her with a thin blanket and went to his mother, who was writing something in a diary.
He said, "Mother, she is asleep now, you can go back to her room. You were doing something? Why weren't you asleep"?
"Nothing dear, I am worried about Ishita, Aryan. Not worried but angry. Niharika is her daughter and she is her mother, but she hates her more than anything in this world, she should realize her duty, the problem of Niharika is also hers."
"Not the problem of Niharika, but Niharika is a problem for her." Aryan said with utter dismay.
"I definitely know why Niharika is the problem", the granny said angrily and moved to the child's room, while Aryan who felt very weary now, went to her wife's room, who was still lying naked to implied continue their oral sex. Aryan was to see it. She dragged Aryan towards her removed his towel and shirt which he just wore, and she started massaging his penis, but this time a sentence by Aryan ruined it. "I am very much worried about Niharika. Ishita you should have come and watched her how terrified she was". Firstly, she tried to continue her romance ignoring what he said. But at last Aryan was forced to scold her, "I am not in a mood. You are her mother, don't you have a bit of love and sympathy for her."
At last Ishita stopped. "You were here after four damn long months, and I was so ready to make it the best fuck we have ever had!" She put her nightgown on now. "She is a girl, a mad girl; she is no use to us. The more I try to love her but her madness prevents me from doing so. Damn you! Damn your daughter!" she screamed indignantly.
That was all she could curse Aryan and her daughter and she turned her back away from him and pretended that she was asleep, yet her face was red with anger. Aryan also turned his back, though he could not prevent from speaking before he fell asleep.
"She is not mad, she is autistic." And the couple fell asleep with anger and despair.

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