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This poem is dedicated to the girl who I loved. She was just perfect for me.
This love of mine is a forbidden one
This love of mine is unexpected
She was the girl with the black hat
And the witchy look
I told her I couldn't love anyone
And she did the same
It was at this moment that she proved me wrong
I love her and she likes me
But I fear she likes me only as sister would like
We both had a intense longing to belong
But did she see me as that man
I do not know
Well I'm hardly a man anyway
So I might as well just dream
Mine is a forbidden love
And I do not know what to do

I remember the anticipation
I remember the rain and the van
I think of myself as a flirt
What a joke!
I couldn't even let out a hey
But with all the men in black
She too were just as bad
Alas mine is a forbidden love
Walls and walls of grey
The only thing getting in the way
Of getting that love like Lana used to say

As I write this with sun in my eyes
And dope in my head
I think of what could be
But also what will probably be
I pray that I will come out of this
With no tears
I know though that in a month or so
You will be just as irrelevant as the girls
Who I vowed to never forget
Just some days and years ago

I have come to a sudden realization
I will never love
But you were the closest to proving me wrong
But will I agree with what I'm saying
When I'm in a college in some hill
I do not know
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