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A fictional story about hiding yourself. Told from the point of view of Victor Mendez.
(I'm sorry if I have tons of grammar and spelling errors hope you enjoy!)

Have you ever been told a secret and just really wanted to tell everyone? Well that feeling gets a lot of people in trouble, but the one who really suffers is the one who's secret it was. But the worst thing is when you keep a secret not only from others but also from yourself...its doesn't end up very well. I might as well get into the story of my mask and the person who broke it...

"I DONT WANT TO SEE YOU EVER AGAIN!" yelled my girlfriend her blonde hair in a tangled mess. I was about to try and reason with her but she just through a handful of my cloths at me. "Fuck you, and that slut you cheated on me with I hope she gave you some kind of disease, that would set you straight!" she spat. Before, I could respond she had slammed the door in my face. Now I know what your thinking, 'Victor if you cheated on her then you deserve this' but no just no. Here let me explain it's not like I jumped in bed with some lady from the bar it's more complicated than that. But Jane the woman who was just throwing cloths she doesn't get that, I just hope your not like her. So here's what went down this woman on the street was like acting sick and I asked what was wrong she just starting coughing up blood. So I took the woman to my house and gave some water and cough medicine, and because of the blood I went to call an ambulance. Well the woman for some odd reason decided to kiss me right there on the couch. She pushed me on the couch before I could react and that's when Jane decided to come home. So she walks in and freaks out, and ignored me when I try to tell her what happened and that's that. So now you know i'm not the one to blame I was just trying to be helpful and I get punished! Any way more importantly I need to find somewhere to sleep. I siged there is only one pleace I think I can go. "Hi, James." I said as I reached the door. James has been my best friend sence we were in preschool, there just one problem. "hello there handsome, is this a midnight confession." he said smurking. I put a hand to my head. "For the last time James I'm not gay and I don't like you, I just got kicked out by my girlfriend." I grumbled. "Well it was worth a shot." he siged opening the door. I walked in and sat on the couch and yawned. "You have good timeing I just finnished dinner, and yes it is a littl late to be eating." He said as he gave me a bowl of what looked like chicken noodle soup. "so, tell me the juicey details." He asked excitedly as he sat next to me, a little too close if you ask me. "Well this women was like dieing or something so i helped her, and so she kissed me right as Jane got home. And my bitch of a girlfriend just flipped and didn't get my side of the story!" I said taking a spoonful of the soup. "mmh this is relly good, you have the best soup." He blushed when I said that. "If you woukd just give up on girls and live with me I would make it for you all the time." He said quietly. "James your my bestfriend but I'm not gay." I remarked. James took my bowl and his and put them on the coffee table. "I cn change that." He wispered kissing me. I pushed him away. "No you can't. Please don't do that." I said turning away, I could feel my cheeks heating up. "Why not, if you don't why do you get so embaressed around me, and you heart rate speeds up, and you don't run away." He wispered leaning closer. he grabbed my chin and turned my face toward him. He just sighed, and got up. " you can stay here, but I'm not going to give up on you Victor Mendez." He said going to his room. I yawned again, i really was tired, layed down on the couch. I don't remeber when, but at sme point I became okay with him kissing me, thats what really bothers me the fact that i'm okay with it. It's not that I enjoy it I just don't feel disgusted by it. I thought about when he fist kissed me I was so scared back then when he did it, am I just getting used to it?

"Victor I need to tell you something"
"I love you!" Then he kissed me. At that time I had just shoved his away an ran home.

I know back then I had broke his heart and I had hoped that would mean he would give up on me, that didn't work. I'v had girlfriends, but he is still conviced he can get me to fall in love with him. But thats never going to happen thats for sure.

(This is a small section of what I might make please leave a comment as to weither I should continue or not)
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