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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Dark · #2123176
A story with an important Moral in Life.

Look before you leap

There once was a boy whose parents had gone out of town for the weekend so he had the whole house to himself, he invited his girlfriend over and they started drinking and mucking about late into the night till both were rather turned on by the other and intended to go further ,

they saw that the neighbors next door were not home so they decided to go skinny dipping in there pool before engaging in their sexual escapade, the boy carrying towels and the girl carrying a six pack, both climbed up and over the fence and landed in the neighbor's yard it was already dark and neither of them carried a flashlight so they had to rely on the light of the moon, they reached the pool and stripped down till they were both completely naked,

the girl went to place the beer on the ground and came across a flashlight on the ground while the boy had already climbed the dive board with overall anticipation and lust for the nice cold water and hurriedly jumped in face first eyes closed with a big grin on his face knowing what was in store for him later tonight thinking to himself "Best Night Ever" as he jumped and for a brief second seemed to float in the sky before gravity took control and he shot straight down ,

half way he heard the girl yell something and saw her waving the light she had found, but that was interrupted mid-sentence as his face and then body connected with the rock hard concrete,

The Pool had been drained.

The boy round up being paralyzed from the neck down for the rest of his life which was only another six years.

Moral to the story,
Look before you Leap,
Always look.

The End.

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