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by Jblum
Rated: 18+ · Chapter · Fantasy · #2123185
Everyday James comes home from work to his loving wife and daughter who shrink him.
         "Could I get you anything else?" James's young blonde assistant asked as she set down a stack of papers and memos on your desk. James looked up at her young and pretty face, reminding him of his wife and daughter at home. "Nope Kelly, you can go home now. Thanks for your hard work today, hope you have a good night." James responded. The woman smiled, "You too Mr. Harding!" Then shuffled off out of the office. James looked at his watch, and realized he was running late for dinner. He quickly gathered his things and hurried out, not wanting to see his wife's big, pretty face angry. After the long and difficult day he couldn't wait to see his beautiful wife and daughter. After speeding quite a bit, James made it home on time and got out of the car. His chest was tingling in anticipation as he opened the door to his home and was met by the expectant figure of his wife. James attempted to give her a kiss, but was stopped by her wagging finger as she turned down the hallway and seductively motioned to follow.
         Looking after his wife's ass James began down the long entry way, commencing the best part of his daily routine: The shrinking. With each step he got smaller and smaller as he followed behind his seemingly growing wife, in their growing house. As he shrunk down he loved to see his wife's widening ass as his strides shortened and she pulled ahead. He had reached the point where he started to get caught on his own suit as his pants and underwear began to slip off. His next step his feet were too small for his shoes and they came right out, allowing his pants and underwear to fall to ground in the next two steps. The heavenly backside of his amazing wife was now past his head, and her legs looked as if they were a moving embodiment of Aphrodite’s. Entranced by her womanly saunter, James tripped. The weight of his shirt alone was a cause for stumble, and he hadn't realized his shirt had already past his feet. With a noisy “thud” he managed to catch himself and his shrinking stopped, much to the amusement of Ruth. As she turned giggling she showed her brilliant, motherly smile. Putting her hands on her wide hips she teasingly said “Aww, looks like my ‘big’ man is having a bit of trouble today.” Giving her face a cute, yet incredibly sexy, pout and turning towards the stairs behind her. “OLIVIA” she called, “YOUR FATHER IS HOME!” With that James heard the abrupt opening of a door far upstairs (not only from his perspective, but it was a very large house for a regular sized man). There came the quick sound of running steps and suddenly his daughter appeared at the top of the double staircase.
          Olivia did not have, by any standards, the body of a regular teenage girl. She flaunted curves that were far beyond her years, not quite as large as Ruth’s, but her young girlish glow made her all the more appealing. She was 6’2” and absolutely huge in the breast department, which she loved to flaunt at home, often borrowing Ruth’s sultry tops (which were still a tad too big for her, but she liked how the looseness exposed even more cleavage). Being a fantastic volleyball player she maintained an amazingly athletic body with a taut stomach, a slim waist, long femininely muscular legs, and cute hips holding a tight ass on the backside. Her young face was gorgeous, just like Ruth's, with luscious blonde hair. She was a dream girl for any teenage boy, yet they were so intimidated by her the boys rarely talked to her and instead oogled from afar.
         Olivia hopped down the stairs her breasts heaving up as she did so, nearly popping out of her skimpy top. She reached the bottom of the stairwell and ran past Ruth running to help James out of remaining clothes. “Hi Daddy” she said with a cute smile as she leaned down to her knees to unbutton James’s shirt and suit jacket. She always loved to stuff her boobs into her father’s face and got unnecessarily close and low giving him a prime view of her heaving cleavage. “All done Daddy!” she said slipping her hand past his cock as she pulled off your shirt, gave him a large wet kiss on the forehead, and scampered off to collect and fold the rest of his discarded clothes as she did everyday, today with her sexy ass waving in the air. His wife still a few yards in front of his naked body smiling seductively and suppressing a laugh. “Come to Mommy” she commanded with hands on her hips leaning forward slightly, gravity ever so slightly elongating her already huge cleavage. And James took his final steps toward his giantess wife as he continued to dwindle in size, finally reaching his stable height of six inches. His wife came down, her large breasts jiggling from the movement, looming above James, and her thick legs compressing slowly to a kneel and her arms coming down to grab him. She pulled him to her soft breasts and provocatively whispered “We're going to have some fun tonight, honey.”
          While this daily routine may seem unusual to some it is based on some avid reasoning. You see, shortly after James married Ruth, the pressure and stress from work began to heavily weigh on him even at home, making him tired and constantly worried. Ruth noticing his growing stress, offered a solution. Since she loved maternally taking care of James and being sexually dominant, she decided that she would take care of everything at home: the bills, cooking, cleaning, maintenance, everything; and James would come home to relax and release that stress sexually. Of course Ruth wanted something to fulfill her fantasies and please herself in the process, so she looked back on her witch ancestry and got spells from her also very well endowed mother. James was hesitant at first, relinquishing all control and living his home life shrunk at the mercy of his wife? It's a scary thought for most, but after trying it for a week James fell in love with the idea, particularly having his wife's already amazing assets and body even bigger. He came to love the dominating maternal care just as much as Ruth did. It took his mind from work completely, allowing him to recharge and perform at full capacity the next day. It allowed his work to improve dramatically, earning him higher positions in the company and much higher salaries, which he used to spoil his wife. When Ruth became pregnant they decided to continue this dispensation in the home and raise their daughter to be a loyal caretaker and a great, yet dominant, wife for her future spouse. Naturally having a tiny naked father around most of the time would give her a very distinct Electra Complex that only added to their enjoyment at home. So now every time James walks down the entry way he shrinks until reaching the end, where he enters his giantess household until the next morning when he must walk back up the entryway to become a man again and provide for the family. Of course Ruth can regrow him at any time if the need be, but she refuses to give up her maternal dominance and instead chooses to play with her tiny husband.
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