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by Linger
Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2123395
-Poetry- Selling your soul for fortune and fame
Man in Birmingham

Let me tell you about the time I met the Man in Birmingham
He told me he was into the business of other's pleasures
Said he could get me anything I ever needed for a fee
He told me "Boy, you got to understand, nothing's free"
He told me he could get me money, if that was my thing
Told me he could raise me up from a beggar to a king
"I'll lay the world at your feet." He exclaimed with glee
"But boy, you gotta understand. . . Nothing's free!"
"I'll be honest with ya, I'll tell you no lies.
I'll give ya all the girls, or do you want all the guys?"
Drugs, clothes, riches, anything I could possibly dream
Told me I was too good for others, I didn't need a team
I could win the world all by myself, with his help of course
"Just trade love for fear." He said, "and patience for force"
"Just sign this paper and our pact will be sealed.
Just give me your soul and our contract will be filled
You can get on with your plans, whatever they might be
'Cause in this life brother, you don't get nothing for free’
Now here I am living rich and large in show biz
Until the day the Man comes for what is rightfully his
Yes, I once met a Man in Birmingham
He said he was in the business of other people's pleasures
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