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-Bio- An in-depth look at Noire; my anthro assassin
Here is a copy of Noire's profile. For those of you unfamiliar with him; he is one of my anthropomorphic characters and a favorite for sure. Enjoy!

Noire Noctune
Species: Rottweiler/Flying Fox Hybrid
Fur Color: Dark gray with hypnotic patterns of black and amber covering his body & face.
Gender: Male
Age: 25
Height: 6’ 10”
Weight: 203lbs
Occupation: Assassin
Weapon of Choice: Blades and handguns (.45's).

Physical Characteristics: Bipedal. His wings and ears are bat-like and his tail is long and tipped with an arrow-head shaped, black bone that is razor sharp. His facial features are closer to his flying fox heritage then his Rottweiler aspects. His hands and feet are covered in fur and his toes and fingers are tipped with claws. He has smooth, soft pads on his palms and soles as well as on the bottom of each toe. Shoulder-length, amber colored hair hangs down from his head, usually covering his silver eyes from view. Under his dark fur, his muscles are toned and hard from a decade and a half of strenuous exercise and training.

Clothing: Being mostly nocturnal, Noire favors clothing that is very dark, usually blacks and dark grays. He prefers loose-fitting and flowing apparel to tighter clothes. Most of the time he wears a floor-length black trench coat with a large hood so as best to hide his wings and face when he ventures into populated areas.
Personality: Noire is a creature of mixed morals and is slightly narcissistic. Though he can be extremely loyal and a dedicated ally, he tends to be cold and distant. He has little regard for life but does not actively seek to destroy it. He has a dramatic flair and loves the occasional good enigma or mystery. He is slow to warm up to people he doesn’t know but once he makes a friend he tends to thaw out a bit. Curious and playful with people he cares about but ruthless and cruel to those who cross him or he sees as weaker than himself; Noire can be a walking paradox at times.

Special Powers or Abilities: Noire possesses an array of psychic powers: Telepathy, Thought-Sensing, Limited Foresight, Empathy, Mind Control and Telekinesis. Each of these powers drains Noire’s energy each time he uses them. Some drain him quicker than others with mind control being the most taxing. Noire also has the ability to siphon the life-force from any living creature (he prefers humans) to replenish his power. In addition to having sensitive hearing and keen eyesight he also possesses the sonar ability of a bat. By emitting strange trilling sounds, he can scan an area around 150 yards in diameter and receive a perfect picture from the returning sound waves. Obviously, his wings give him the ability to fly.

General History: Noire was born into the Noctune Family to Ajena and Valare; a family that was as feared as it was large. Their bloodline stretched over three continents and reached as far back as ancient Egypt. For centuries the Noctune family had held heavy influence over nations and kingdoms, earning them untold wealth and allowing them to sink their claws deep into human society. Through the ages they had evolved into a structured kindred based on ancient laws and strict traditions.
Ajena was a pure blood Visicali, a Rottweiler family that had already been married into the Noctune hierarchy two-hundred years before Noire’s birth and who prided themselves on their extravagant, but ill-gotten, lifestyle. Both families lived in anonymity; their existence kept shrouded in secrecy by the work of high-ranking, indentured humans. Ajena herself was a dedicated occultist and was famous throughout both families (and beyond) for her abilities as a sorceress.
Noire’s father, Valare, was a world-class assassin and one of the most feared. He had married Ajena, planning on breeding a perfect killing machine to train in hopes of passing on his blood-stained legacy. He didn’t love her and had his family not forbade intimacy outside of wedlock he would never have even considered it. Once married, he moved his new bride into the family manor, The Abode; a gross indulgence of wealth that was almost as old as the family itself and housed the top ranked members and there, Ajena became a prisoner. Noire, like his mother, was never a living being in Valare’s eyes but rather a tool; a possession to be used for his own ends. At the young age of ten, Valare began to train his son in the deadly arts of the assassin’s trade.
He was merciless in his teaching; inflicting painful punishments on him for the slightest mistake; pushing him to the brink of collapse and then one step further day in and day out. At the age of thirteen, when Noire’s powers began to manifest themselves, Valare ordered Ajena, in all her metaphysical knowledge, to train him to wield them as efficient weapons.
Bitter and scorned by life, Ajena was just as cruel to her son as was his father; taking out all her anger on him.
Despite all the privilege around him, growing up in The Abode was as perilous as living on the streets of a slum. Fifty-four other relatives shared the massive structure with Noire and his parents, all of them with hearts as black as the floors of hell. Each one of them conspiring against the others. Alliances changed with each passing day and no one was above ridicule or treachery.
At seventeen he got his first kill: his uncle and the Noctune’s patriarch, Rafael. Valare’s father had died a month earlier and had passed over his eldest son, leaving all the family’s power to Rafael. Valare saw his chance to change that in his son and protégé. As his first victim, Rafael would be the ultimate test of all Noire had learned. The next morning the entire manor was stunned at the bloody mess that was found in the grand bedroom. Noire seemed to have carried out his mission with such violence that it frightened even his iron-hearted parents. In truth though, he had panicked in the crux and lost control. He ended up clawing his uncle to death like a wild beast instead of dispatching him like a trained killer.
With Rafael out of the way, Valare assumed control of the family. Noire’s reward for helping place his father in power was meant to be a lethal one. He was attacked by five human mercenaries while walking the southern edge of Noctune land. He managed to beat back his attackers, killing three of them but did not escape unscathed. Knowing that he wouldn’t be safe at the Abode suffering from grievous wounds, he managed to fly a good ways into the wooded wilderness that surrounded his family’s land before crashing down, unconscious. After waking up, it took him two days of staggering through the woods, on the edge of howling in agony with every step, before he found help.
Delirious with pain and exhaustion and with darkness closing in, Noire lost track of where he was headed and ended up stumbling onto a one lane road. As fate would have it, a man and his wife were driving by and watched as he stood there for a moment before collapsing to the ground in a heap, unable to go any further. Not being able to see him clearly, the couple stopped their car and jumped out to help him.
The next thing Noire knew, he was waking up in a clean bed, bandaged up like a mummy. The man and his wife had brought him to their home despite his frightening appearance and had tended to his wounds. Instantly, Noire expected the worst. He had not been raised in a world where people cared for one another without wanting something in return. The man’s name was Alexander and his wife was Emily and when he probed their minds with his psy-powers, he knew they were good people.
It was obvious that they were afraid of him but they nursed him back to health for three days. He never spoke much to them but was always polite when he did and vice versa. Once he could move around without gritting his teeth, he took leave of their hospitality and returned to The Abode to seek out the mastermind behind the attack. The moment he walked out of their home, his foggy foresight gave him a sense that he would be seeing these humans again.
By the time he reached his home, clever Valare had covered his tracks well. When the hammer fell and Noire confronted his family, all signs pointed to Ajena. In fear of her life, Ajena fled the Noctune’s lair and rejoined with her family, eventually divorcing Valare and severing all ties to him and her son.
Once his mother had left, Valare introduced his offspring to the world of the hired killer. Within two years, Noire’s reputation exceeded that of his father’s and his name was enough to send chills down the spine of anyone who’d heard of him. He was clean, meticulous and never failed to get his target; no matter what. As silent as black fog and as deadly as arsenic, he had ran up a tally of nineteen victims before his twenty-first birthday.
As he grew in skill and power, Valare began to fear his son more and more. He was too terrified to send him away but could not bear to have him live so close. He knew that one day, his son might come for him. What was more was that Noire knew that his father agonized over the thought of dying at his hand and he reveled in it. Several times Noire had snuck into his father’s room while he was sleeping and waited till he woke up, showing him just how easy it would be to get to him. He would prepare Valare’s meals on occasion and deliver them to him personally, laughing to himself as he read his father’s frantic thoughts of poison or drugs in the food. Valare’s behavior began to drive away from the manor all but those most loyal to him.
For all his paranoia, it was not his son that ended up killing him but his ex-wife, Ajena. Having toiled over the miseries of her past, Noire’s mother began to slip into insanity and in a crazed attempt to right Valare’s wrongs, she cast a powerful spell upon The Abode. A dark shadow passed over the manor one moonless night while Noire was off making a hit and robbed every inhabitant of their breath. The young assassin returned to find his home a tomb. Ajena was horrified when she heard the news that her son had survived her sending and hung herself in fear of retribution.
For the first time in his life Noire was completely alone but also in command of his own destiny. He was no longer a pawn of his family’s twisted agendas. As per the traditions, the Abode (the ultimate symbol of Noctune power) and all the wealth his father had robbed and swindled fell to him, making him the youngest patriarch ever to reign over the Noctune family.
Unlike the patriarchs past, Noire was not power hungry. He kept the human politicians that he inherited on a long leash, not really caring what they did so long as it caused him no grief. He slackened the fervor in which the family’s profits were collected; cutting the rates of tribute paid to the lord of The Abode for the first time in the family’s history.
Some of his more ambitious relatives saw this as a sign of weakness and sought to overthrow him. By a stroke of luck, Noire was forewarned of the coup and reacted with ruthless speed. Thirty-two of his cousins, uncles and aunts were brought to him in chains to be judged. Of those brought in, there was only evidence to condemn nine. Noire had them stripped of all possessions and then exiled. It may have seemed like a light punishment but he knew his family well enough to know that whoever looked guilty was probably just a scapegoat.
As an act of defiance against those whom he could not convict, he sold the most prized heirloom the Noctune’s had; The Abode. The outcry of anger and disgust only fueled Noire’s loathing for his family. As a final insult, he had sold the manor to Arailya Visicali, his mother’s niece, in hopes of enraging his relatives beyond reason. It worked. His actions sent shock waves through the family.
Noire moved to a secondary manor called Rubicon, located deep in the wilderness of Montana. It had originally belonged to his late uncle, Rafael before he had assumed control of The Abode. It was there that Noire summoned all the influential members of his family to a meeting. He played no games from the start. He told them that he had no intention of being the Noctune patriarch any longer but that he refused to give up control of the family to someone else. By law, a patriarch could not resign nor could anyone else assume control over all the family’s powers while he was still alive. It was a loophole that Noire meant to exploit. If he didn’t lead his kin, then no one else could and the family would be plunged into chaos.
Of all the terrible things he had done in his life, this was by far the easiest. He simply had to do nothing and the family that had corrupted and tortured him would unravel. He would ignore all petitions that came before him and turn a deaf ear to his kindred’s pleas for help. They would be at each other’s throats in a month’s time.
Of course, his nefarious ancestors had foreseen this problem and had placed certain safeguards to keep it from causing collapse. Any patriarch that refused to fulfill his duties would have his family assets frozen and control of the Abode taken from him. Noire didn’t care though. The Abode was gone and he was doing fine living off his own income. Since his ascension, he had not spent a dime of his inherited money; his professional life gave him more money than he really needed.
When his family members turned on him at the meeting, he gave them an ultimatum. Either suffer with his decision until he was gone and a new leader was crowned or he would bankrupt the family and sell off all of its assets. When they continued to resist, he threatened to purge all the pure-blood Noctunes and end the family line completely. Coming from anyone else, no one would have believed it but they knew Noire had the personal power and money to carry through with his promises. Not to mention the cold-blooded lack of remorse it would take to bring his own kin to ruin. They had all left with a crushed air.
Knowing full well that his family would not give up so easily, he decided to go into hiding for a while. He would leave the stage and let fate take her cut; with any luck, he would return as the last Noctune. For his self-imposed exile, he had to pick a place that no one would ever guess. In an instant, Alexander and Emily came to his mind. They were the only creatures in the world that he knew that were kind and caring. No one would even entertain the idea of the powerful patriarch rooming with two middle-aged humans. He would be safe there for a while.
Emily and Alexander looked like convicts bound for the gallows when they opened their door to find Noire standing there, looking grim as always. He gave them a basic outline of what had happened and told them why he had returned. They weren’t thrilled by the idea but they offered to let him stay mainly because they feared what he might do if they refused.
Noire had no intention of staying with the humans for very long but an event took place that changed how Noire felt towards them and how they felt about him. He had saved Alexander’s life when he had been injured by a bear while the two were out hiking in an attempt to ease some of the tension. Noire used his mind control ability to not only save the human’s life but also to kill the bear for attacking in the first place.
Alexander had been profoundly thankful but also disturbed. He asked Noire why he chose to kill the bear when he could have easily made it run off. With nothing but a lifetime of wicked knowledge and abuse, Noire couldn’t understand the question. He had killed it because he could, just like every mark that he went after. It was what he did; a part of him. His answer unnerved Alex even more.
After overcoming their fears, Alex and Emily did the most dangerous thing possible. They sat down with Noire are tried to explain the value of life to him. Noire was never one for lectures and he had stormed out with a low growl one he realized what they were trying to do. Anyone with a shred of self-preservation would have let it end there but not Emily. She never missed an opportunity to try and soften his cast iron heart whenever she could. Something seemed to keep Noire there with the humans. Every time he tried to leave, something would bar his way; usually his still-enraged family and so he spent a year and a half with the only creatures in the world he could come close to calling friends.
During his time with them, Emily’s determination began to wear on him, turning his icy soul to cold slush and warming his heart by a few degrees. By the time he left them and returned to Rubicon, he was no longer the dark shadow of merciless death that he had been. He began to become more and more picky about the contracts he accepted, hunting down only the vile and criminal.
On his twenty-third birthday, Alex and Emily came to his home for a week to celebrate and brought with them their son, Zach. The moment that Noire set eyes on the young human he was fixated on him. At first, he thought he was going crazy; he had never felt attraction for anyone before. When he finally realized what he was feeling, terror almost unmanned him. There was no way he could seduce Zach. If he didn’t end up killing him by accident in the throes of passion, his family would rid the world of him to hurt Noire.
What made matters worse was that Zach seemed to be just as obsessed with him. The young human tried to find any reason to put himself close to Noire and when his parent’s left to return home, Zach begged Noire to let him stay. Noire refused although it made his guts cramp but Zach was relentless.
Noire lost his temper and called him a perverted sicko for even considering a relationship with him; comparing it to bestiality. He meant his words to be harsh for he was trying to push the young man away to save his life but Zach was having none of it. Finally, Noire gave in; well in a way. He agreed to take the human into his bed for one night if he swore never to return to the Rubicon ever again. Zach agreed and with a bit of hesitation, Noire took him to his bedroom.
It was two o’clock the next morning and the assassin could not sleep. He had just had the most unforgettable and passionate moment of his life the night before and was now incapable of letting Zach go. He had never felt such a strong pull to another person before this and he vowed to himself that he would do whatever it took to protect Zach from the demons of his past. Their relationship went from a strong infatuation to a blossoming love in a short time. Zach moved into the Rubicon two weeks after that fateful night at his lover’s urging. The three-hundred and sixty-four days that followed next were the best of Noire’s life. Never before could he have imagined so much happiness and contentment. His partner was a ray of blinding light that had pierced the stormy clouds that had consumed his life since childhood. Finally he had gotten his fairy tale ending. He had two good, trustworthy friends, a wonderful lover and it seemed that his family had forgotten him completely. But they hadn’t.
On the eve of their one year anniversary, Noire had ventured into town with his hood up to check out a present he was intending to buy for Zach. Alex had seen it and assured him it would be perfect but Noire just had to see for himself. While he was gone, Kevail, the oldest son of Noire’s first victim, his uncle Raphael, slipped into the Rubicon and claimed vengeance for his father’s death. Kevail had spent the last five years, plotting and waiting for his chance to strike; to make Noire feel the pain that he had felt when his father died. Once he learned that the ice prince of the Noctune had fallen in love, he knew it was just a matter of time before he got his chance.
Noire returned to find the love of his life crucified to the dining room table, his heart cut from his chest and his eyes still open. A note had been left, written by a quill dipped in Zach’s own blood. It simply read: “His heart is yours no longer. It belongs to me.”
Rage consumed Noire. He ripped everything in the dining room to pieces with his bare hands; twisting metal and breaking wood. Once the rage subsided he cleaned Zach’s body, dressed him and carried him in his arms as he flew to Alex and Emily’s house. Emily fainted at the sight of her dead son. Noire simply laid the lifeless body in Alex’s arms and turned and walked away. He never said a word and never shed a tear. From there house, he walked for miles; walked until the pads on his paws were raw and bleeding then he took wing, flying till his wings began to cramp. For three days he traveled, forsaking all sleep and using his psychic energy to keep his body going. His destination was simple. The manor of Witchill, lair of Kevail and the rest of Raphael’s offspring.
Noire was not surprised to arrive and find the manor under lock-down. Human sentries patrolled the outer road and his own kind guarded everything inside the massive stone wall that surrounded the place. Kevail was a fool to think anything would detour Noire from showing up and taking his life. With relative ease, he scaled the wall, bypassed the guards and stole into his cousin’s bedroom. Kevail was asleep when he found him. Noire didn’t say anything; he just leapt onto him, waking him up instantly. He stared into the eyes of the creature that had destroyed his life and reached his hand into the betrayer’s chest, crushing bone and cartilage with ease and tore out the beating black heart that lived there. He tore Kevail’s body to pieces and littered them among the hallways of the manor but his heart he kept.
Getting out was a lot easier then getting in had been. Covered in blood and looking truly hellish, Noire simply walked out of the main door and through the main gate. Humans and his kin alike, stared at him wide-eyed as he left. There was nothing they could do. He was still the master of the family. Once he was outside the gates, he turned and pushed his talents to the screaming limit, enthralling every mind inside the manor. He marched them all outside, human and Noctune alike, and to the edge of Witchill lake, several hundred yards from the manor. One by one, he forced them into the water with the power of his mind and drown them all, thus eliminating the final pocket of resistance in his family.
The grizzly deed done, he returned to his home long enough to fetch a storied dagger. It was another family heirloom with a dark history. He took the dagger and himself to Alex’s house. Emily was still crying, her eyes red and swollen. Her tears turned to wails when she saw him. Alex met him at the door, his face like stone. Noire tossed Kevail’s heart at their feet and handed Alex the knife, then sank to his knees in front of the human.
Alex’s hand gripped the hilt of the weapon tightly and a lone tear rolled down his cheek. Noire lowered his head and closed his eyes; waiting for the killing blow. It was his fault that their only child was dead and Noire had no reason to live anymore. Kevail had hurt him in a way he didn’t think he could be hurt.
Noire waited for what seemed like an eternity for his friend to claim his life. The sound of metal clanking on stone made him open his eyes. The dagger lay in the shadow of the doorway. He looked up into Alex’s eyes and found in them forgiveness. Once more, the humans welcomed him into their home and there they all grieved together as Noire told them what had happened to their son and why. He told them what he did for a living and his position inside his family. He figured he at least owed them that much.
When he left them several days later, he could not bear to return to the Rubicon and thus he set off as a nomad; moving from town to town and country to country. He had gotten the name of a trustworthy housekeeper and offered them free room and board along with a sizable income if they would watch over and take care of the Rubicon. Noire never met the man face to face but he trusted in his friend’s recommendations.
By spring he was in Paris. He celebrated the Fourth of July in Fairbanks. When the leaves changed and the air grew colder he was in England and then to Italy to visit his mother’s family.
That did not take long and went about the way he expected it to. They were cold but polite to him but it was clear that they considered him nothing more than a half-breed thug. It was St. Petersburg for Christmas and then back to the States; and so went his life for the next year; never staying in one place for very long. Taking contracts only when he had to get up more money. When he got desperate he fed on human energy but most of the time he had enough money to enjoy a life of luxury. On occasion, he would return to the Rubicon but he never stayed the night there. He usually just dropped in to check on his watchman and make sure there was no trouble. Then he was off again.
He kept in close touch with Alex and Emily both; sometimes flying them out to wherever he happened to be on a private jet just to socialize. They were his last link to the one thing he had loved most in life. He took care of them like they were the family he never had.
But all the money in the world could not fill the void that was inside him. He circled the globe again and again but he could never outrun the agonizing loneliness that hung around his shoulders like a thousand pound yoke. He saw Zach’s face in every person he looked at; smelled his scent in every flower he passed and heard his high tenor voice on the edge of the wind every time it blew by him.
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