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by Coffee
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Just someone who always finds a way to cause a problem...It's always her fault, right?
Silence is the loudest scream

"Good job girls, lets just get dressed and go eat before we start cleaning up yeah?" A loud voice boomed through a combined classroom inside a church.

"Oh~ Good, I'm starving!" Said one of the younger girls, having the older two agree with her.

Currently there was a small congratulations party being held inside of a church, as for the entertainment one of the graduates' had her family perform a few numbers. As they finished up the last dance four dancers walked in, changing into their casual clothes to finally get something to eat.

All except for a one, she kept her head down as she cleaned up her end of the whole routine, gently putting her bag into the container. After she did so she tried to get out of the room as fast as possible, anger and regret filling her usually calm aura. It became so heavy it could become visibly obvious, but she forbid herself to do that. Snapping out of her thoughts she was suddenly stopped by a heavy hand on her arm, looking up she noticed it was someone she really wasn't in the mood to see. Though she hid her anger and looked up to her sister with an stoic face, which is something that's come more naturally as of late. "What is it?" She asked, her voice sounding ice cold.

"Good job today baby. You did great~" Her sister said leaning in to give her smaller sister a kiss on the cheek. The kiss became non-existent as the smaller sister lightly pushed her away, covering her face. Confusing her sister none the less, "What? You don't wanna kiss your older sister?"

Sighing her sister pouted childishly and tried to wrapped the girl in a tight hug, failing once again. "Baby look, I'm sorry about earlier okay? I just hate it when you give me an attitude. But you did really good today, you looked so pretty too~" She said, trying to go back in for another hug.

"No..." The younger sister said in a small, but stern voice. Pushing away her older sister once again she said, "Just...no" As she walked off, going into the gym. Sitting by her Aunts quietly, letting her thoughts consume her mind. Not really knowing what else to do at the moment, anxiety took over for her. Not really knowing what else to do at the moment somehow, anger took over her thoughts.

She's always trying to show me affection right after she makes me feel bad for myself? IS she that stupid?!
"Oh, no don't say things like that. You're beautiful and smart" "Shut up Rain. You stupid, I told you not to say things like that!"
You wanna know why I treat you like how I do? Well have you ever thought it was because you make me feel like you treat me that way!! I don't mind being kind and loving to someone who I feel actually deserves it...

Which was quickly replaced by anxiety as she looked over what happened today....

You always mess up on the dances. Maybe you should even dance in the first place, it's your fault we always messed up.
Are you happy? You're always fighting with your sister it's no wonder she hates your guts.
How do I tell them something that I've been doing my entire life? Man....Why'd I always have to be so quiet?
The smallest smiles I would show to the world are the smiles no one takes seriously. Instead they always take the biggest smile, not even knowing it was a fake one.

Giving herself a headache she gave a silent sigh and sat up from where she was sitting. Deciding she just needed to use the restroom. But as soon as she walked into the empty bathroom she was on the brink of tears rushing to the biggest stall she locked it and back up into a corner. Everything quiet, her mind only having one main message run through her entire body. "It's all your fault."

Soon the silence was now filled with her squeaked huffs of breath. Tears falling down her face non stop, all she could hear herself saying was something between the lines of "I'm sorry." repeatedly. Again and again and again, she never stopped whispering it until she heard the bathroom door open, signaling as someone coming inside. Taking notice of hearing the heavy breathing and footsteps Rain immediately knew it was her Aunt Rin. So she quickly covered her mouth with her sweater sleeves and quietly got up from the floor. Being glad she could take light footsteps she quietly sat on the toilet, making seem like she was just someone else using the bathroom.

Thirty minutes later, her aunt had already left long ago. Though now when she finally came out of the stall she stared at her eyes as she came into view with the huge mirror. Quietly she cursed herself, blaming herself once again, "Great Rain...You cried so hard you always end up making your eyes red....Dumbass."

Taking a new scene a few hours later..........
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