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by Mervin
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The reality of life is more than you can ever think of !
There is life! With good and bad, happiness and sadness, we laugh we cry, good times and bad, sometimes we are depressed, sometimes we are enthusiastic, sometime we're ourselves and sometimes we choose to be someone else, but the real question is, "is there more to life", yes we have the normal things, we're born, we grow we become toddlers and then Pre-schoolers, Teen, young adults and adults. Is there more to this than the normal? We learn, we get educated, some get a degree some don't, and then there's higher education. Isn't there something more? We're born poor/rich, we get civilised, we work to earn (some are passionate) we get a status, we grow up, we mature, we get skills, we get intelligent and we're successful or we fail, But the question is, "is there more to this"? We are born, then we're kids, we grow up we're adults we get married we get kids we get grandkids then we get great grandkids and then we have great great grandkids (only if your alive), isn't there something more after this? Isn't there more to life than these usual things that happen? Well, the answer to all these questions is, YES! There is more! There is MUCH MORE! Life is a gift my friends, every single person is unique, every individual in this planet has been choose by god for a purpose. Yes, we are here on a purpose but after our purpose is completed we die. BUT, is there life after death? That's a very relevant question. (The answer may surprise some) but YES! There is life after death, life in abundance, eternal life. Every individual in this world has a body and a soul. The body (flesh) is temporary but the soul is eternal. The body may die but the soul will never! And this soul is who we really are. Some may try hard to build their body strong and elegant where as others try to build their soul with purity and integrity (that's left to you). Do you want to build and spend more time on something that is temporary (body) or do you want to build your soul which you'll always dwell? But there is MUCH MORE to this life that we can ever imagine! God (creator) has a plan for every individual in this world. He has a purpose for our living here, on planet earth. And there is MUCH MORE to it than there could ever be. Our soul which dwells in our body will continue after death and we meet our creator (God). There are gyms, supplements (body building), drugs etc. to build our body (nothings against them), but why do you want to build on something that won't stay for a long time, rather build on something that would stay for eternity, build on your soul! My friends, at the end of the day it doesn't matter how rich/poor you were, how many cars you had, how many building you owned, how much money you earned, in the end its all goanna be 6-3 (length and width of the coffin). You're not goanna take anything with you but your soul. When you meet god you'll know what is more to life. "Make god the foundation of your life and build on it with love, faith, belief and hope and I'll bet, you'll be amazed!" in the name of Jesus

Thank you

Mervin vishal

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