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by Jacky
Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2123527
Flash Fiction

“Aren’t they incredible!” Randy said, looking up briefly from his video camera.

Jeff smiled, “Yes, just as you said, the whole herd is probably here! That was a great idea to track their route and watering habits so we could be here the day and time they arrived. They don’t even know we’re here! So much better than trying to sneak up after and spooking them. We have way too much film of buffalo running away from our smell.”

“Thanks! It just came to me that if we tracked the route and the wind and arrived early enough we could blend. It’s not like they are overly intelligent, they’re not actually looking for us. They just go by smell, sight, sound. Once one gets the whiff of danger, they all spook. Being downwind keep our smell away, and being here already, we don’t have to move around so they likely won’t even notice us.”

“We’ll probably get enough footage today to wrap this documentary two days early! With any luck, we could hit the casinos tomorrow! Woopie!” Jeff said, eye still stuck to his camera.

“Shhhh! Pipe down! They’ll spook if they hear us!”

“Ooh, sorry! Well, they didn’t hear me, thankfully, they’re still quiet.”

Two hours later Randy was getting ready to pack up, “We’ve got plenty! We can do our editing this afternoon and be done!”

Jeff, still filming, suddenly excited, “I see a cougar! It’s sneaking up on them!”

“Keep filming!! This could make the documentary! Even if it doesn’t catch one, we’ll have the drama, the stalking and likely a stampede!”

“They saw it! They’re spooked! They’re starting to run! Oops...” Jeff started to drop his camera.

“What! Keep filming! This is golden!!”

"Just a little problem... They're coming this way..."
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2123527-Documentary