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Sometimes we get exactly what we wish for but not in a way we wanted.
My dad had to go to the hardware store and I got to go with him!
I was really excited since we hardly ever went anywhere together other than church on Sundays with the whole family.
This time it was just the two of us.
I was four years old and I was going to help him.
I don't remember what I ate before we went, but I remember the grumbling and rumbling that made me say excuse me.
After half an hour or so, I started getting pain as well.
I asked if we could go use the bathroom.
He asked if it was urgent.
I replied that it wasn't yet, but maybe soon it would be.
We stop looking at whatever he was looking at and start looking for a bathroom.
At first we were slowly walking normally.
Soon though my stomach was making louder and more ominous sounds.
We went faster and were jogging after while looking for an associate or a sign to the bathrooms.
I started to slow down, not sure I could hold it back much longer.
My dad understood and raced off to try to find it.
I hobble after him as best I can and as I round the next corner, I see it!
There on a platform is a toilet so without a second to waste, I undo my pants, drop trousers and let loose.
I made it.
I didn't think I would.
The relief was immense.
A couple minutes later I am nearly done and looking around for the toilet paper.
There is none.
I try to flush the toilet.
It doesn't work.
I am starting to panic now as I see a few people standing around staring at me.
My dad then comes back around the corner, sees what is happening and gives me the store ads to wipe with.
I wiped, pulled up my pants again and we hightailed it out of the store.

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