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This the part 2 of "You Have Arthritis." I hope it will be helpful.
You Have Arthritis (my Solution) Part 2
Once we know what arthritis is and what it isn't we can better deal with it and make wise choices. There are many things we can do to live a good active life with arthritis. No, there is no cure for it; however, it is manageable. The thing is you do not have to take medication all your life. Here are the things I have found that helps me. These are my choices and some have worked and some have not:
I was over weight
In the beginning I weighed 235 pounds and should have weighed only 145-155. This extra weight was very had on my knees. In 1987 I was in a car accident and tore the left shoulder rotator cuff. By 1990 arthritis had set in my shoulder, knees, and hips. My doctor said shots would help. I have had so many kinds of shots that they no longer work. (for me) I have always been an active person. There is a medication called: Naprosyn (Naproxen) the side effects of this Weight gain; It clearly states: "can cause obesity" and believe me when I tell you it will do just that. I cannot begin to tell you the number of diets I have tried. The Doctor would say; "you need to lose weight." So I'd try yet another diet, and another, another. Yes I would maybe loose five (5) pounds and in two weeks (or less) it would be right back on and more.
Finally I started reading the side effects of every pill I put in my mouth, and every one the doctor prescribed. I started to read about home remedies. I read the labels on all prosed foods and side effects and health benefits. I read about what foods burn fat and what foods help with inflammation and joint pain.
Now if you are looking for an overnight cure. There isn't one. You don't get arthritis overnight either. For me, after starting on a medication called Prodnisone I started to be able to move my shoulders and knees and hips more. However, Pordnisone is for short term relief. So I was back to square one again. You see, I still had not chosen to change my life style and eating habits. Therefore, I ended up having my right knee replaced. I was also on my way to have a shoulder replacement if I do not make some clear choices.
So, what choices did I make?
After two years of nearly constant knee pain and shoulder pain I had had enough. I have nothing to sell you, because, for me, it did not come out of a bottle. It came with a slow life style change. I fond swimming helps a lot with the pain. However, you do not have to be a swimmer to get relief from pain, there is help just being in the pool. I have joined an exercise class at the Y, and I find it very helpful. Exercise and food change are the two best ways to fight arthritis pain. With food it is best to go organic. There are too much "stuff" in the food we eat today. That "stuff" also makes us fat.

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