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A poem I wrote. Not in any format, nor structured correctly, rather just thoughts written
Just want to assure readers that I wrote this in reflection after seeing one of my favorite bands (city and colour), and it is in a way, a purging of the sad and negative thoughts that linger at times in the back of my mind. I am not depressed, rather I tap into the depths of any sadness within in order to create with it. This has no real format, it is sort of written as if it were lyrics, or spoken word poetry. Hope you enjoy and all feedback is welcome. Thanks!

The lonely man

The lonely man, he lies awake at night, always alone, growing so cold.

Where has the sun light gone? His world is but dark nights, shivering cold, always alone.

A life full of heart break is all that he's known, he carries the memories wherever he goes, lessons untold, this life full of sorrows is all that he knows.

He carries the pain inside his soul,
his scars are reminders of the battles he's faced,
like trophies of last place, given in vain, such a disgrace.

The hurt in his heart flows out through his eyes, the acid like tears burn through the flesh, face red, a sign of distress.

This lonely man is but a reflection of all that I've known,
A constant reminder that I'm lost in the idle winds of this storm, searching for purpose while trying to find my home.

And this journey is uncertain with the shifting storms which threaten my peace,
I feel I am society's black sheep
At times, I grow tired of feeling alone, because like a ghost, it feels like I'm no where, no where to be found.

The world sees right through me, yet all I can see, is me looking right back into my eyes,
And the fire inside, violently burning, such passion I find
Yet when the embers fade, all is the same, fading away, I'm back at the start.

I am the lonely man, forever alone,
My heart may seem cold, but I will steadily climb this hill that is life,
reach for the mountain top, grab a hold of the stars,
I will find myself, at the end of the road, no matter how long, no matter the cost
Sometimes I feel lonely, but i'm never alone.

I am alive, and my story is one that has yet to be told
Yet I've come to realize that this road I travel must be taken on, all on my own. To grow is to learn that alone does not have to be lonely, for where your heart lies, is always your home.
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