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by Crow
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Sometimes a mystery will never be solved.
         It is true that eventually, the passage of time will take all things into its loving embrace. Of course, it is true that men may preserve some things that time would have taken if they had been left to themselves. Still, time will always desire to have that which is its rightful property.

         Most people have heard of what scientist call Black Holes. These phenomena in space can be both fascinating and terrifying. A Black Hole is a powerful vortex with a gravitational force so strong that neither light nor any object can escape. In a very similar way, time has that same affect on the events of our lives. Things that occurred in a certain time may well be lost to times gravitational abyss, never to be heard from again.

         There are many mysteries that have fallen prey to the black hole of time. Unsolved and all but forgotten, they may languish for centuries before disappearing forever. Time has pulled any possible answers into its rapacious vortex. And no matter how long you search for answers you will never find them. All that could have shed even the slightest glimmer of light are long since dead and have taken their secrets to the grave.

         Think for a moment of the number of mysteries that have existed throughout the world, and do exist even now. They may concern the murder or disappearance of a person or persons. For example, consider the cases of people who have disappeared without a trace. Family and friends have wrung their hands and labored for decades without answers or solutions. Families have lost loved ones to unsolved murders that eventually leave few alive to wonder. Whatever may be the case, mysteries abound and will never cease to fascinate one generation after the next.

         The fact remains that some of time’s most enduring mysteries will never be solved. Once again, time has taken to itself every clue that might have brought about a final solution. As one who continues to love the haunting would of enduring mysteries, I can become just a tad obsessed when they refuse to give up their secrets.

         Finally, we might ask the question as to when the search for answers should be brought to a conclusion? When has a mystery given all that it intends to give? When is it time to conclude that there will never be a solution? I cannot answer that question to the satisfaction of many. But I do believe that when it is finally time to lay all inquiries to rest, we will know. Our own instincts will quietly say to us, it is enough.
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