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Reflecting on experiences and learning about their inner gems to empower the young kids.

Once upon a time, there was a very old and very wise Father, who had two children: a boy, named Kaimi and a girl, named Isabella. He loved them so much. He took care of them with great care. He gave them healthy food, read to them every morning and every evening. He provided them safe, clean and beautiful home. He made sure they are raised with everything they need. However, he knew that he can only give so much, his kids need to learn and discover themselves and find their own paths. So one day he invited them to his room and talked softly, with deep passion of a loving father.
My children, I love you dearly. You were raised under my shelter and always protected. Now it is time for you to go on your own. I ask you to go out and explore the world. Bring with you the most precious 19 things you find! In your journey always remember “My love is your stronghold”.
If you find them, I will be a happy father because I will know that I raised you well, these were the last words he said on bidding farewell.
The only gift I will give you is the flying carpet. With this you can go anywhere you want.
    The kids were mature and understood their father. Growing up with so much love and care, they never felt so much responsibility. At the same time they also knew the reason why their father is sending away from their safe home to the vast lands for a journey. Father’s “Pure heart” toward his children gave courage and wisdom to depart to such a long and big journey, gave strength to prepare and execute this task. They also knew that their father’s pure love will always guide and they can always find solace in it.
Kaimi and Isabella thought for a while and decided to map their journey. First destination they chose as they were living in Nanjing, near the Confucius Temple. There in the Temple they spent their childhood, looking with curiosity at ancient writings and not fully realizing their significance.
    Now they had the chance to go to Qufu, Shangdong province to walk the streets of Confucius’ childhood, have glimpse of his life.
    Walking in a small city of ancient buildings, looking inside the windows they experienced the same joy and power of “love for family”! It was impossible to miss this gem, shining so bright.
    From their Father’s words, His love and guidance, confirmed by Confucius’s hometown’s story they understood importance of “love and pure heart”. They were very glad that this was the first power they found out and with more eagerness and adorned with love they continued to face obstacles, tests and difficulties.

“The young should be dutiful at home, modest abroad, careful and true, overflowing in kindness for all, but in brotherhood with love. And if they have strength to spare they should spend it on the arts.” Confucius


 Flying high on the magic carpet they landed on a land with beautiful waterfalls. Fresh crisp air, juicy green grasses, apple orchards and so many flowers!!! People there were so different. Instantly they fell in love with them. Their faces were radiant with so much affection for each other.
What makes them so different? Why are they so happy? How they preserved their environment so well? Kaimi and Isabella asked themselves.
    Determined and equipped with strong will and adorned with a precious gem “Love”, they talked and shared their thoughts, education, food, clothes with others. What they noticed that the more they shared with joy and pure heart, they felt they got even more.
    They thought: “How come, I give only 20% of my thoughts and 20% of my food, but I always got 80% back more wonderful thoughts and 80% more good food?” This was a very different Math equation, not the same they have been taught: Giving is subtraction. But here giving was adding!!! How cool is that? How other people did not know about it? What is this new law called?
    This mysterious law of the Universe was “Generosity”. They were very happy to find it out and immediately put this gem in the string of their adorning.
    The secret of this garden with many waterfalls was people were so generous which always multiplied in this fertile land of giving! How great is that? By giving freely everyone made contribution to the community and to the environment, which made their society sustainable and prosperous.

“In Gratitude we are human; in Generosity we are Divine. You received without pay, give without pay” (Mt. 10:8)

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