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Little girl with incredible powers that becomes a brave woman to live a life of adventures
Episode 1 - (The butterfly’s awakening)

In a time when everything was green, the grass, the threes and the sky was blue with very white clouds, and the rivers flowed like the wind that barely touched her hair, lives a girl, a very introverted little girl that spent all day thinking and watching butterflies sat down on a usual three in front of a river that was near of a house, a very cozy house in which the little girl used live with her mother alone. But the future of that girl is unknown or at least it is to you. Let me tell you now a story that will catch your attention from the beginning to the end, a story of a little girl that become a very brave woman and who’s destiny was to live a very hard but filled of adventures life.

-          Mother: Naiden, Naiden, where are you?

-          Naiden: I’m here mother!

-          Mother: How many times shall I tell you, don’t get far from the house.

-          Naiden: Sorry mother.

-          Mother: Came on… the dinner is ready! come on… let’s eat.

-          Naiden: I’m not hungry mother.

The child went to the house and sat down at the table, the food was smoking, it was soup, and other few plates with a very looking appealing.

-          Mother: Tomorrow is your birthday.

The girl answered nothing, she was playing with the soup by turning around the spoon.

-          Mother: We have to go there!

Naiden looked at her mother for about two seconds and looked down again. She wasn’t eating the soup. Suddenly she raised up a little bit to reach another plate on the table, she couldn’t reach it because the plate was too far, so she made the plate disappear and reappear right in front of her.

-          Mother: I told not to do that. Naiden! Listen to me! Don’t do it no more. It is very dangerous. Your father…

The mother was very upset, and began to cry. She dried out her tears and spoke to her dotter.

-          Mother: Naiden! finish it and to go to bet.

The child left suddenly the table and went to her room.

-          Mother: Naiden! Naiden! Come back in here!

The child’s mother was very sad by the loss of her husband and very afraid by the destiny of her child. Would be she just like her father? Would she be in dangerous? That were the questions that was wandering around child’s mother’s head.
The night passed away for a new day to come and it was Naiden’s Ten birthday, and it was the predestined day in which in his last will Naiden’s father makes his wife to swear to take her to the wise old man in the mountain.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2124307