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Talk about review red dawn
Hey what up guys today I am going to review about the Red Dawn 1984. Setting in the Alternate Universe Soviet Union invade our country. The NATO was dissolved and United states of America are stand alone.

The General have a plan to attack the United states.

At the morning the Soviet Airborne launch attack on the U.S territory and group of guerrillas went to the camp.

The Wolverine group member training and fight against the Soviet forces. The Jed and his member of Wolverine recon the town.

After the woman is chasing by the Soviet Army the Wolverine set up the ambush and surprise attack on Soviet Army. In night the wolverine final push against the Soviet Occupied. The Jed find the General and duel with Soviet generals and finally the Soviet Generals is defeated and gain peace.

I will gave 5 out of 5 rating stars.

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