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A love poem?
Like the flowers that always fade,
Are the friendships that we've made.
As time passes day by day,
The connection slowly fades away.

The precious things that we own,
Will all, one day soon be gone.
The titles and awards we win.
The money in the old coffee tin.

We hold on tight, to keep them near.
With all our might, we fight the fear.
We know the battle never ends.
With each new thing, it begins again.

How long this time will it last?
Maybe longer than in the past?
Just one thing to hold on to
I know what I want most is you.

But like the things and friends I've had.
Though most days I can be glad.
I did love though I have lost.
But seriously, at what cost?

Everyday it's all the same.
Loving and losing is like a game.
You get ahead, like you could win.
Then it's snatched away again and again.

To have something that's yours and will be there.
Or someone to love who will always care.
That's like wishing for Utopia, you see.
Come back to reality, for those things cannot be.

Loneliness and heartache are what lie ahead.
It's not like most books that you have read.
The prince might come but then he goes.
Where is the hero, nobody knows.

Knowing how this game will end.
I don't mean this this to offend.
It's time to think and make a plan.
How much heartache can you stand?

Love with all your heart each day.
Giving every small piece away.
Or don't love at all, just be alone.
No one to talk to on the phone.

In the end, it's up to you.
The choice is yours, what will you do?
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