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The (extra)ordinary lives of ten Australian high school boys.
Chandler-Ludwig Bernd Müller was an uncommon name to say the least, and Chandler was an uncommon boy to say the least. Unusual family, unusual past, unusual appearance, but a very usual batch of friends.

Rhys, or Doll, Braybon didn't have much going on in his life really, or at least that was the door that his constantly bored persona opened.

Landon Braybon had never been never noticed, ignored by his group, ignored by his family, ignored by everyone around him. He didn't want to be Doll's brother anymore, but what could he do to change that?

Oliver Kane Olman was messed up. All he had to keep him company were his anger issues, PTSD, a wheelchair and traumatising memories.

Reece Aden Hamish always sat on the sidelines, watching with jealously raging quietly inside of him.

Reece Cheve was easily the funniest, most confident and comfortable kid in his year. But he was also terribly uncertain, dark, and uncomfortable.

Louis Conner never knew just how to talk about his problems, and instead hid under the persona of a popular boy who cared about nobody but himself (and maybe his girlfriend of the time).

Graham Jackson was know to only ever see the bad in others, but secretly saw the good too.

Samuel Shane Jackson would always be just another stupid boy who wouldn't do his work, but was he really?

Elijah Claire Young just liked to play footy, cricket and handball.
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