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The backstory of Snowflake the neera, my OC.
My name is Snowflake, and my life as a neera has been a living hell. Once you read my story, you might say, “oh, that’s so awful!” Well, shut up. I’ve lived for 18 years with hardly any kindness towards me, so I don’t need or want your sympathy. This is basically my origin story.

My life started in a lab. I don’t know what they did there, nor do I care. I was too busy trying to stay alive. I had been created by a neko girl named Sophie. Sophie was the nicest neko you could ever meet. Unless you were me. I was made in a tube, and I was forced to run tests from the first day. I mostly ran mazes, and that was the only way I got my food. Of course, it was also for Sophie’s entertainment. I was punished brutally if I refused to do anything. I was designed to be super strong, super fast and given claws and accelerated healing. So I guess it’s “thanks” to Sophie that I’m still alive.

One day, Sophie got bored with lab work. She didn’t want me to die, but didn’t care about the lab. Sophie torched the lab, but not before she dumped me in a cryogenic tube and flipped the switch.

“Goodbye, Snowflake!” She purred as my body froze.

“I’ll KILL YOU!!” I screamed. “I’ll... kill....you.....” Then everything went black.

I’m not entirely sure how long I was frozen for, but it was long enough for the technology to bring me back to be developed. It was Sophie’s great-granddaughter Angie who eventually unfroze me and restarted my life.

When Angie revived me, I couldn’t see at first.

“Where am I?!” I cried. “Why can’t I see?!”

“Hey, kid, take it easy.” I heard someone say. “You’re free now.”

“Where are you?!” I cried. “ Show yourself!”

“Just relax,” I heard the voice say. “Your sight will return in a little while. You were frozen for a long time.”

Slowly, my eyesight started to return. As it did, I tried to figure out where I was. It seemed to be a lab of some kind... In front of me, a neko girl removed her safety glasses. With a howl, I leapt at her face, and slammed into the glass.


“I told you to calm down,” the girl said. “I know you’re angry, but I’d appreciate you not tearing my face off.”

“Who are you?” I asked. “Where am I? What happened?”

“You’ve been frozen, Snowflake,” she said softly. “For 100 years.”

“W-what?” I asked, stumbling backward. “How do you know my name? Who are you?”

“I’m Angie,” the neko said. “I’m Sophie’s great-granddaughter. I’m not proud of it. She did some awful things. I’m sorry for the pain she caused you.”

The glass slid open. “Wha-? Y-you’re letting me go?” I asked.

Angie nodded. “Yeah. I thought I’d try to make it up to you at least a little bit.” She held out her hand, waiting for me to climb on.

“Ha ha, yeah, no thanks,” I said as I scampered across the table toward the open window. “I still don’t trust you. Even if you did give me my life back. Sorry.” I jumped out the window and hit the ground running. I was free.
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