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Rated: E · Short Story · Thriller/Suspense · #2124531
A story about a Winter's drive that may be or may not be a true story. You can decide.
         The typical season of Christmas was in the air all around at this special time of the year. Little kids played in the snow just, and were excited about Santa Claus arriving soon. Adults finished up the last few days at work in anticipation of that long awaited holiday break from work. Bill and Jane were two of these adults who were finishing up their last long hour on second shift before their long awaited break began. The two have been close co-workers for a very long time, and the two both planned on spending Christmas time together this year.

         The bell rang for their shift to end and Bill and Jane walked on out to the parking lot. Jane grabbed a bag from out of her car, and threw it into the trunk of Bill's car. Jane looked at Bill and said, "Let's get out of here." So the two took the 45 minute drive home to Bill's house up in the mountains. It was a typical cold winter night with the stars ever so bright, which Bill nervously noticed. The two had been driving, and having a good time talking, and they were now only about 5 minutes from Bill's house.

         Bill drove carefully down a very steep mountain which curved into a low level bridge. A low level bridge is designed to provide a bridge when the water flow is low, but when it rains a lot it allows water to run over the roadway and that precludes vehicular traffic. Tonight the low level bridge was very passable. As Bill and Jane came closer to the isolated bridge they noticed a light out by the river bank. At first they both thought it was a camp fire that a fisherman made, but they soon noticed it was an overturned car.

         The headlights of the car were still on and you could see little fish swimming around in water in front of the head lights. As they drove over the bridge Jane noticed a young woman with a furry red coat standing on the side of the roadway. Bill stares at Jane dumbfounded when she first points out the young woman standing on the bridge, and tells him to pull on over. At first Bill wasn't going to stop, but Jane insisted that he stop. and he did. Jane rolled down her window noticing that the young woman was wet, and asked, "Are you okay?" The girl replied "Yes, and can you give me a ride?" Jane said, "Sure where to?" The girl said, "Home." So the girl opened the back door and sat down.

         As Bill drove Jane asked, "What's your name, and what happened?" The girl replied, "My name is Cynthia, and my car slid off of the low level bridge." The two women had a very long conversation, while Bill didn't say a single word. Finally Bill pulled into his driveway, and onto a dark carport. The only light came from out of the kitchen window. Bill turned off the car, and got out. He was unlocking the the kitchen door when Jane got out of the car. "I thought that you were going to drive Cynthia home," Jane angrily said.

         Bill said "Who." Jane angrily said, "Cynthia.", and as she looked in the back seat she noticed that there was no body there. Jane snatched open the car door only to find an empty wet spot. Jane said, "What's going on, and where did she go?" Bill said, "Come on in and I'll explain it all to you." Jane and Bill walked into his house. Bill grabbed two glasses and a bottle of wine, and his hands were noticeably shaking as he poured the wine. Bill handed Jane a glass, and an old newspaper that he had just removed from a desk drawer. Jane took a sip of wine and started to read the page of the newspaper that Bill opened. Bill sipped his wine, and stared at Jane dumbfoundedly as she read the old newspaper article.

         Jane finished reading and said, "I don't get it. Why is Cynthia's picture here with this news story of this old car wreck?" Bill went onto explain, "I thought that I was the only person that could see her. I drove upon this car wreck 14 years ago, and I tried my very best to pull Cynthia from out from underneath of that car, but I couldn't do it." Bill then started slightly crying and said, "There was no time to get help before the water rose, and she died that night in my arms. Every time the night is like it was tonight, she's waiting for me at the low level bridge. I wouldn't have driven you that way home, but I was distracted by talking to you, and I missed my turn."

         "But Cynthia was so real," Jane said. "Yes she is, but she's actually waiting on the other side, Bill said." Jane said, "Waiting for what?" Bill said, "Cynthia says she's waiting for me." "Wow! Jane replied. That's deep." "I've picked her up more times then I can count," Bill interjected. Usually, she sits up front with me, and we talk, but, she always disappears. One night I drove her all the way to her home in Roanoke before she disappeared on me. Until tonight I thought Cynthia was just in my head, but I'm happy now to finally see that she's just not in my head, and that I'm not crazy."

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