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When you lose someone and you feel like you can't move on
My face towards the sun, my arms around my legs. The wind and sun whipping around and through me like an emotional whirlwind.
Eyes are closed as my mind wanders like a dream. The back of my neck begins to tingle as if you were behind me kissing me slowly.
Goosebumps begin to form as the thoughts intensify throughout my body. I can't feel, like my body is dead weight, but yet I feel like I am floating up and away.
There are no sounds anymore, I can't feel the sun or wind, as if time has stopped, I feel weightless. I can't get you out of my mind, my every thought is of what was and what will never be.
It's been so long, but feels like it was yesterday. I need to let you go, but I don't know how. They all say; time heals all wounds, but you were my forever and now my forever is gone.
The pain has lessened, but it will never go away. I want to go on, I need to live my life, but I need a sign saying it's ok.
As all of these thoughts swirl through my head, like the wind across the plains, I look to see a single flower dancing in the distance. It dances like we use to do.
I slowly stand and walk towards the flower. This one little flower has every color imaginable.
The beauty cannot be described.
A single tear runs down my cheek, this is my sign. I know I will be alright, that you will always be with me no matter what road I go down.

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