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Just something I scribbled together
Flowers for you
I left the room but couldn't let go, my hand froze and I almost said goodbye. She smiled back but I didn't see her leave, and the car pulled up but no one got out. Birds flew but no sound was heard, and I cried for you but you weren't able to hear, I know it's dark outside but the sun's burning my skin, I felt a brush against my arm though it was only the wind. I tried to remember but nothing came to mind, this world isn't the same one you left me in, and your eyes stare at mine while I lay awake at night, the sheets feel like paper and the air sits perfectly still. I know I'm afraid but my heart keeps a perfect beat, I remember your voice but nothing you said, and I know I'm alone so what keeps me going? Do you think of me sometimes; do you still dream of flowers? I gave you one the other day but it turned brown and withered, I'll have to plant them around your grave, I know that will give you a smile.

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