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Written for my friends at the Blueshirt Underground Radio. 10/21/2017

How can I ever express, my love, the feelings of my soul;
The words I pen, my beloved, will never be adequate,
Despite all the joy, grief, pain and delight based upon one goal,
But have made my love grow stronger each season passing us by.
Blue was the color of the sky on the day we first met,
Like a fresh breath of spring sweeping in after a light rain.
I watched you steal my heart away with a smile I'll ne'er forget,
While love was frolicking perilously on a sheet of ice.
Melancholy is the color painted in all of my thoughts;
Thinking of you while drifting into dreamland, dreaming 'bout a day
Where toasts shall be given; sipping from a cup of joy, not loss;
Bygones are bygones, and worry of years past are non-existent.
Night is the shade of my soul as despair settles deep within,
Taking no prisoners, because my heart was already long gone;
While throwing in the towel is an action stocked full of chagrin
I've ne'er seen before from you, love, out on the field of battle.
Helplessness is an unspoken scream lodged deep within my heart,
Long buried and forgotten in the forest of broken dreams,
By which I sit and morn a defeat my King cannot outsmart;
Though I await a day of victory and long for a distant parade.
Despondency is a river of tears flowing out to sea;
As crestfallen streams of pity roll over my brokenness
Like a tumultuous, never ending, rolling tsunami
Perched on the horizon like a waiting, jackbooted, Habs thug.
Insanity is the feeling which comes to mind and never leaves
As I've see the elation in your eyes, time and time again,
Only to be doused by the cross check of bad luck and disbelief;
While elusive victory breaks your heart, it also breaks mine.
As I wait for you every year, it's always the same my love;
I keep thinking and expecting this will be the year you're home,
But what does that make me in the eyes that see me from above;
Returning to you over and over with no change at all?
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