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Through education can alone we bring out the hidden gems within.

While Kaimi was busy Isabella was home alone. She got bored and with so much time at hand, she did not know how to use it. So, she decided to learn the local language and culture. Little neighborhood girls offered their help. Isabella in turn taught them singing and dancing. Her angelic voice and graceful dancing won the hearts of the girls. However they were reluctant to learn because according to the local traditions girls were not allowed to sing or dance in public. Shy girls watched her to perform with delight.
Isabella patiently talked to them persuading them at least to try. One little shy girl got up, stood still and tall.
I want to try! – she said with low voice.
Isabella taught her one very cheerful song and easy steps. They were both laughing and radiating with happiness. Soon other girls could not stand and watch how these two were having fun. They joined, too!
Soon, 300 girls learnt how to dance and sing! Their voices were so beautiful, it flew in the air, spreading fragrance of happiness far and wide. Villagers started hearing these sounds, for some time they were shocked, never hearing such melodies, they were puzzled “who can make these angelic sounds?”
As a surprise gift, at the school Opening Ceremony, Isabella and 300 girls performed their songs and dances. Everyone enjoyed it immensely. This new discovery of girls’ talents brought so much joy and happiness to the villager’s monotonous life. This was the best gift for Isabella’s patience and perseverance.

Patience is the companion of wisdom.



After a small island village with harsh conditions but joyful time there, Kaimi and Isabella went to other parts of the country. They became known and were invited to VIP luxurious villas made of marble and gold. And to very poor places, where people slept outside, they did not have houses. Rich people offered caviar with a silver ware, five different kinds of fish, chicken, turkey, beef, mutton, rice, noodles, eight kinds of fruits, ten kinds of vegetables, deserts with cakes and sweets. Poor people offered simple water because even simple drinking water was in scarcity. They collected water with bamboo sticks.
Kaimi and Isabella showed moderation in drinking, eating and talking. They wanted to please their hosts but stayed true to their principles. This was the second power they got it at home under the guidance of their Father. Only now they realized its full power and potential.
They were very hungry at poor places, bitten by mosquitoes, afraid of slimy snakes swirling around but looking at young kids playing happily and drinking simple water with so much gratitude. They had so little in their life but they were immensely grateful.
Both firmly and steadfastly practiced moderation and set examples to the rich and poor. Seeing their behavior, health, body and strong mind rich kids started to give their extra food, toys, clothes, books and school supplies to the poor kids. This time Kaimi and Isabella taught “moderation” to extreme rich and extreme poor neighborhoods. Soon, the unhappy division between long-term neighbors stopped and in a spirit

In all matters moderation is desirable. If a thing is carried to excess, it will prove a source of evil.
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