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Love is all we could hope, but there are times when love must guide the hardest of choices

-I Thought We Were As One-
by Keaton Foster

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An idea
True love
All that I am
What I have
All you wish
All you don’t
In between
My hope
My heart
In residence
We’ve become
In a prison
Without walls
Do we know
Or convict
Who has the key
Who has the will
One must be
The other
Must remain
I thought
We were as one
But in fact
We are not
We have become
Something else
Something failed
Irrevocably broken
The pieces
All the parts
Strewn about
And nowhere
Two equally
Opposing places
Within one
Absolute decision
I know
I understand
What I must do
Truer the love
Kinder the heart
I must let you go
Of my convictions
Such imprisonment
I must be
An infinite being
The surreptitious element
That both binds us as one
And tears us apart
I love you so much
That I must let you go
Out into that cold
Where there are wolves
Where there is pain
I must let you go
Not because of hate
And despite all fear
I must let you go
Because of love
I thought
We were as one
But we are not
No longer
Possibly never before
I feel as I did
As I still do
But I know
That you don’t
That you can’t
So wide will swing
The doors of this prison
This encampment
I will watch you leave
I will encourage you to flee
To go beyond us
Out there into that world
Of many monsters
Because even I
Am well aware
That out there
Is much more
Than this nothing
We now share
You of all people
Will certainly find it
At first
You might stumble
But in the end
You will not fail
You are greater
Then I could hope
Myself to be
I thought
We were as one
But no longer
Maybe never
Was that the case
Truer love
Is yours to find
And mind to keep
Alone in this prison
This encampment
Without walls
I am not the jailor
Nor the convict
But here I always will be
Bound by my convictions
While you alone
Will go free
I will watch you go
As I see
What I still love
Leave me here
In this place…

I Thought We Were As One
Written by Keaton Foster Copyright © 2016/2017.

© Copyright 2017 Keaton Foster: Know My Hell! (keatonfoster at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2124884