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Have you ever felt like crying at the end of the day?...Thoughts after work one day.
Have you ever felt like crying at the end of the day?
When work is over and the day is done
Emotions finally catching up with the setting sun
What was left on pause years ago
Suddenly playing in the present
The warm memories
The sad and unpleasant
Tears fallen are done
Living has once again won
As tomorrow is another day to avoid
The never-ending truths in your heart
They may not always break you
But they will always be dark
So let emotions of joy fly
Delve in the mysteries behind people’s grins
Their hostile nature hosts their own sorrows within
When day is done
They no longer matter
The good blends with the bad
Life can be the toughest thing you’ve ever had
So sometimes you just feel like crying
At the end of the day
A welcome sight, the morning sun
A wish that it goes our way
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