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by Aria
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Fanfiction · #2124905
3 friends swap clothes for fun... but
Belen I am a very thin, tall girl with light brown skin, medium hair and wavy brown eyes and fine complexion.
Patricia is a brunette girl, medium body with big breasts and a somewhat robust complexion of straight black hair.
Helen a girl, short stature, fair skin with long black hair, with a large ass with fine compllexion

One night my friends and i, we was at the house of my friend patricia
"Hey, what's up?" I asked.
I'm super bored. Can we do something real exciting tonight?"
Do you have any interesting ideas? helen responds
do you want swap clothes?
what are you talking about belen? they ask while both seen me
c'mon girl's can be funny said with insistance
do you'll wanna try something new just a once time, also, i'm sooo bored
Then they kept thinking and after a few seconds they wanted to try my idea ...

ok. well seem a great idea for spend time both answer with a giggles

I wore a beige dress with pantyhose and white heeled shoes, Patricia had a gothic touch jacket and leather pants and black shirt with big boots with chains and Helen wearing white shorts with a pink sports shirt and white tennis shoes with socks Pink color

Very well !, the underwear go incluided in the change
ohhh WHAT!!! they shout surprised
if you dont wanna try is ok
i not sure, patricia said but she still wanted to try.
i agree with you belen helen say glad
Thus began the swap.
I´ll wore Helen's clothes, Helen'll wore Patricia's clothes, and Patricia'll wore my clothes.

so we start nude? answer helen
errm... you are my firends, but i'll not naked front yours patricia scary say
do not worry patricia, helen said while pull of patricia clothes
wait, wait, wait.... nope... nobody will undress to no one
my play, my rules. i said

first we have a station for everyone
two we have a limite of time arround of 3 minutes
three before of at finish of time, we change of station
and that's about all...

So i put a clock with 3 minutes to ring
When the time started quickly remove my dress And the high-heeled shoes and pantyhose along with my bra and my panties that were white lingerie, all at the same time
hey you already finish? i ask
yeah i finish shout helen form her station
patriciia wait a second please i had some trouble, patricia shout with worried
im ready shout patricia some seconds later

I quickly changed from station with Helen
I started to put on her bra and her pink boxers that were sports clothes, it was fast since all her clothes were very light and easy to use.
im ready to out i shout
wait i need more time too many time helen shout
patricia i have a GREAT TROUBLE with you bra belen
wait WHAT MY BRA? WHY? answer very worry
just said that, time out...the clock start to ring

At the sound of the alarm we all left our station
I examined Patricia's big breasts and smiled. "Hey, there's no way you're squeezing those mammoths in my lingerie bra.
i feel what that i'll broken in anytime the dress. patricia said
dont say that, what suppouse that i wore, if you break my dress i responds with worry
you have helen clothes or not? patricia answered with mocks
jajaja... you are sooooo funny, patricia i said upset
belen, you look's cool in my sport clothes helen said
really? but it's have a strange odor i said with some disgust

i hate your clothes patricia answer helen
really how do you can wear this is so heavy to me helen said reclaimed
sorry but is my style patricia said
hey see that ass helen, even with horrible clothes look your butt i said
how wich that horrible clothes patricia said upset

i wish had these ass helen, i said look my ass
well i wish had the breast of patricia, helen said to patricia
i wish you slimness patricia said while she look me

i wish you body, we all said sighing

helen, what happen to you breast i said susprised
how wich my brea...... WOW.....how grew too many my brest helen said surprised
belen you ass is GIGANT. patricia yell me
sure, i dont belive you i responds with incredulous
you´re sure look back you ass patricia shout me angry
ok, that´s right you see my WTF HAPPEN to my ass

patricia because you look soo slim? i ask her very confused
i do not know. patricia look herself , and now fit in my dress

we all stay in shock
we noticed what each of our atributes swap wtih another
i have the ass of helen, helen have patricia's breast, and patricia have my slimness

eventuality the swap continues...i was become in helen, patricia in me and helen in patrcia

wtf...we all scream
you are me and me are you
then the mom of patricia arrives where we was
what's wrong girl's? her mom ask us
patricias in my body answer. nothing bad mom
mom? why you said me mom belen
i ermmm...
sorry mom... helen in patricia body responds we just play to swap places.
for that's belen act like my and i act how helen
and the scream just scaried us a insect
ok, girl's, do you no do that again! really scaried me her mom responds with pettry tranquility

it' so close...
well, if this we swap us bodies, do you wanna try one more? i looks them with exciting
really is awesome this patricia (in my body) responds
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