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by Logan
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A tribute to a well known book, please keep your arms in the vehicle at all times
Rabbit Holes

Eat me, Drink me, Falling deep
Through a looking glass
Darkly grinning, thinning, keep
Growing, shrinking fast
In the madness, standing tall
Impossible things, three
Down this hole forever fall
Before the dawn we see
A lease spent in this land of dreams
Of nightmares, Wonder, Hope
Fraying threads along the seams
Suspended by a rope
Hanging precious, by a thread
We're oh so very late
Such dates, they call for soul instead
Whilst mind and heart debate
More curious and curious
How far can we fall
A queen of hearts so furious
We do not heed her call
A hail raised for simple things
A shout out for the soul
The chaos a fraught mind can bring
With mad capped schemes consoled
And everyday a different hat
The styles always change
As notions argue tit for tat
And rules are rearranged
Forged to suit a movements fate
Not the working parts
A pocket watch to say we're late
With gears on the march
And wheels spinning madly round
A bid to find a space
We're all mad here, lost and found
The timeless know their place
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