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Controversial question, what would happen if society learned our Creator was an alien?
President Harmon sat at the historic desk, thinking about all the dignitaries and world leaders he hosted in the Oval Office of the White House over his two terms. He thought about the understandings that were made and the deals for a brighter future. President Harmon was impressed with how much he learned about the world and more importantly about himself in this Oval Office.

“Mr. President,” the Secretary of State poked her body half way through the door, “They’re here. We have cleared all staff and personnel for their route to your office.”

President Harmon stood and adjusted his suit coat. “Thank you, Cherene. You may escort them in.”

None of his experiences compared to the dignitaries he was about to receive. These dignitaries represented unprecedented truths that had been hidden from the people of the Earth for decades and now it was all about to come out.

It would take a couple of minutes for his visitors and their escorts to travel from the parking garage to the Oval Office. Harmon thought about sitting back down, but he did not want the representatives to think he was disrespecting them. He adjusted his tie and did the breathing exercises he was taught when he got nervous during such occasions.

The Secretary of State entered the room first, holding the door open wide for the entourage entering the room. President Harmon had talked with representatives on video chats. He knew what they looked like, but nothing prepared him for seeing them for the first time in person.

The two dignitaries were dressed similarly. They both had on white uniforms. Over the uniforms the two wore shimmering translucent robes that dragged on the floor. It was clear which one was male and which one was female. Even though these were aliens, they looked human with the slightest of differences. Both aliens were much taller and slender than the average human. Their faces were angular giving them a hardened look.

As the two aliens entered the room, President Harmon moved around his desk to greet the couple. Now standing in front of them, looking up into their faces, he was unsure if he should shake their hands or bow.

The male alien stretched out his long fingers to the President. “Hello, Mr. President. I am Ambassador Liriad. This is my wife Ambassador Felia.”

The President took the ambassador’s hand in his. At first Harmon was gentle with his handshake, until the ambassador squeezed his hand firmly. The President did the same in return. He noted the ambassador’s hand was warm, just like a human’s hand.

President Harmon said, “I am impressed with how well you speak our language.”

Ambassador Liriad’s smile stretched inhumanly wide across his face. “We use these translators to hear you in our language and to speak in your language,” the ambassador held up a crystal pendant from around his neck.

“Please have a seat,” offered the President.

The two aliens sat on the couch together. Harmon took a seat on the couch across from them. It was at this point the President noticed the Joint Chiefs of Staff had also entered the room and had taken up positions around the room.

“So, to what do I owe this honor, of your visit?” President Harmon asked, knowing full well why they were there. He was prepared to oppose them.

“We are out of options,” Ambassador Felia spoke for the first time. “It is time to reveal ourselves to the people of Earth.”

“Why are you out of options?” The President asked.

The war with the Greys, as you call them, has raged for millennia. The Greys have slowly been gaining the upper hand against us. Our people are dwindling. We cannot hold out for much longer.”

President Harmon took a moment to review in his mind the truth of human history, before answering. These aliens had planted pairs of humans in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa at the very beginning. They would leave us on our own to live how we wanted, but watched over us and visited the humans on a regular basis to teach us about the stars, the seasons, language, and how to build.

Unfortunately, their galactic war had followed them to the out of the way planet with the fledgling human race. To protect the humans the aliens left and humans were alone with nothing but a vague understanding of their creators. Humans did their best to write down what they knew and understood about the aliens that raised them. As centuries passed into millennia facts became stories, became legend, and finally became religion.

It was not until just over two thousand years ago was the Earth visited by one of our creators. A scout was sent back to the Earth to check on the humans. He was concerned with how fractured the human race had become and were beginning to war with one another. He taught a group of humans in the Middle East to embrace peace and love for one another. Unfortunately, the humans began to realize this person was not one of their deities, but an alien. They crucified him to keep the truth from being revealed.

About eighty years ago a group of Greys had crashed on the Earth. The gods of the humans worried their enemies, the Greys, would corrupt the humans. They introduced themselves to the leaders of Earth in secret. This led to the creation of the United Nations, where the Leaders of the Earth could work in secret with the Creators to advance the human race.

President Harmon snapped back to the present and the two Creators seated across from him. “I’m sorry, but the United Nations has agreed on this for decades and I stand with them. You cannot reveal yourself to the human race. It would do irreparable chaos to the societies of the Earth.”

“Humans are more resilient than you think and far more advanced than your predecessors. They will be able to understand the truth,” explained Ambassador Liriad.

President Harmon leaned forward on the couch. “The truth?! The truth is for thousands of years humans have worshipped the Creators as God. Almost all humans believe in God in one form or another. The planet’s history is based on this belief. Today’s societies are based on this belief. You must see that it would all fall apart if you reveal yourselves.”

Ambassador Liriad’s face hardened into a dominant scowl. “We wanted to do this in a manner that would be easy on humans, but if necessary we can make ourselves known the world over. You cannot stop us.”

“I am authorized by the other leaders of the world to inform you we will fight you. You will not be welcomed,” stated the President.

The ambassadors chuckled to themselves. “Surely, you don’t think you could win a war with us?” Ambassador Liriad smiled sardonically. “We are far more advanced than you. Yes, you have such things as the hydrogen bomb, but they are no match to our weaponry. We could easily wipe out your planet.”

“Ah, but you won’t wipe us out,” Harmon stated triumphantly. “You won’t wipe out this planet that hosts your greatest resource, humans. You need us to be workers and warriors. You can’t fight a war with us and the Greys. You don’t have the ‘resources’.”

Ambassadors Liriad and Felia rose to their feet and turned to leave. There was nothing more to say.

President Harmon watched as they left with the Joint Chiefs of Staff following up behind them. It was times like these the President wanted to pray for guidance and strength to overcome the hardships that his country and the world would be facing, but it would simply be bowing down to the Creators.

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