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by Kitson
Rated: 13+ · Critique · Religious · #2125226
This piece contains confrontational religious implications and connotations.
Degrees of soul beings

The eventuation or Big Bang is where everything we are, began. No deity created the eventuation; it occurred as an event, a happening. From that event comes everything there is as well as what we are because inherent within that event comes all intelligence and knowledge of, matter, energy, force, power, gravity, and time.

I will now discuss degrees of soul beings.
At the time of the eventuation along with the above mentioned come all the soul's in existence, and there are two basic soul energy levels. That is first and third degree beings. The energy contained within a first-degree being is greater than anyone's imagination. Most of them came directly out of the event containing specific knowledge and abilities to perform specialty tasks, They are extremely intelligent soul beings, and as such, created for their primary duties, they will always be thus, they will never be else.

The next level is that of a third degree. To the best of my knowledge, each single third-degree soul-being evolved from a cluster of seven which in turn evolved from a larger cluster of twenty-one. One might picture them as having come from a gigantic grapevine, each clump dividing itself mathematically by base seven.
That information may be interesting to some, but from where did you and I develop as an individual soul?

The third-degree soul also contains innate intelligence derived directly from the eventuation's inherent intellectual knowledge. Over the course of time, these third-degree souls began learning to manipulate matter mentally. Since a third-degree being consists of pure energy, it has no physical form, thus thought was its only means to accomplish a task. They had the innate ability to sense and differentiate the vibratory rates of light and sound. Essentially they could see and hear.

Somewhere within millions of eons, they learned that if one divided its energy in half, they could accomplish twice the work. So by using a means of mitosis one third-degree being, became two fifth-degree beings, thus creating soulmates. That is no easy feat and takes eons to accomplish.

After learning how to mentally manipulate matter, they began to create planets and build solar systems. The next step in evolution was for them to develop plant and animal forms. Eons past and many different life forms thrived on various worlds. Then someone realized they could see and hear their creations but could not touch or smell them. Came their epiphany, what if we indwelt them, could we then acquire the tactile? With much trial and error, they learned their energy level is too high to coexist. They also discovered they could not divide themselves again but could lower their energy and thus become a seventh- degree being. This act also requires extensive time and effort to accomplish.

As third and fifth degree beings they could inhabit inanimate objects but now as seventh-degree could for the first time be able to enter and co-occupy an animate structure.

Since they were immortal, had no concept of death until they realized that the plants and animals were fragile, and did not last very long. They first experienced and obtained the concept of death while indwelling an animate structure when suddenly it became an inanimate object.

Eventually, they learned how to enter an unborn fetus and experience a mortal's natural birth. However, that act required taking responsibility for that physical structure because as the primary indwelling soul, it could not just come and go as it did with co-occupation. Thus began our journey on the wheel of mortal life of karma.

This piece contains confrontational religious implications and connotation. Since I wrote this from personal experience, I cannot see the forest for the trees. What I would like from the group is, not necessarily spelling, grammar, and punctuation, although that would also be gratefully appreciated. Instead, I would like conceptual questions on material substance. What is unclear and or needs clarification? Thank you!

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