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Will it come into our future?
While we think that aging is inevitable. Scientists have just recently found that the breakdown of our cells that make us frail, weak, and die, is a specific set of defects in our bodies. There are said ways that eternal life can become our reality. Here are a few ways how.
While some may believe that dying is mothers nature's way. Their are actual other organism who, if living in a stable environment without disease or weather, could live forever. One of these animals would be a tortoise. With us, there is a specific enzyme called telomerase, which acts like the little plastic thingy on the end of your shoelaces for your DNA -- it keeps the ends of your DNA from unraveling. Unfortunately, every time your cells divide, some of this is lost, meaning you are breaking your body's ability to regenerate itself every time you grow or heal. One ways that eternal life may become true is Scientists are trying to find a way to regenerate telomerase, or find a way to just not lose it in the first place.
One way or the other, the answer to aging is in our genes. Gene therapy -- that is, manipulating the genes inside our cells to treat disease -- is already a thing. It's just a matter of getting better at it. Another way that Eternal life could become an everyday item sometime soon is by introducing new genes that, in addition to preventing aging, also make awesome augmentations like changing your eye color or making you glow in the dark.
.While no one reliable has ever cloned (or claimed to clone) a human, it is scientifically plausible, and as a result, it has been suggested as a means to allow humans to sustain their lives beyond their normal mortal sell-by date. Another way is If their was a way to regenerate your specific parts once they get crappy to keep you living this would make your body last way longer. So, if your leg starts to go bad, you would have a new one ready to be swapped in for that old one that needs to get swapped out.
The other method can pretty much count on the government giving us a response of "Umm, no ..." (in fact, it already has), because it would use a fully grown cloned body as the receptacle for the brain of an aging person so that person could effectively go from 70 to 20 with a single operation. As you might imagine, this has led to a certain level of squeamishness, since it would mean either effectively killing a cloned person for his body or raising a fully functioning body that was brain-dead from birth Interestingly, the possibility of using cloned bodies for immortality isn't particularly new; they even made a shitty movie about it back in 1979 called Parts The Clonus Horror.
The last way that is scientifically shown possible is Homo sapiens are tool users: that, maybe more than anything, has defined the advancement of our species. So even if we never crack the genetic aging code or perfect the method of growing replacement livers, we can turn to our ability to build awesome mechanical tools for immortality. It's what we do.
And we're already on our way -- with artificial hearts, replacement limbs and artificial nerves, we are already rebuilding humans, albeit piecemeal, into cyborgs. Put a stethoscope over the chest of former Vice President Dick Cheney and you'll hear nothing -- instead of a heart, he has a machine that pumps blood. If we can replace one part, we can replace another.
Now, i’m not saying that any of this will save you from disease or a burning car, but why should your life end after 80 years or even 800 to be honest. We all wish to see the future, but you need to live to see it! These are just some of the many ways that Eternal life, can show up in the near future.
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