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Cleanliness is godliness and excellence is our efforts to excel and do only the best.

By now they have discovered more than half of what their Father has asked them to find, adorned with shining 10 powers, they started to attract people. The villagers invited them to teach at their local primary school. Kaimi and Isabella eagerly accepted. There were 3 classes of each grade. In total 6x3=18 classes, 18x40=940 students. Although, it was relatively a small school, competition between them was fierce. Average score of students was 80%, much higher than in the countries they lived in Europe, North America and South Asia. Each student was competing with 39 students in the class and 39x3=117 students in the grade. They all seemed to be very stressed and exhausted. They were at school from 7am to 5pm, and even after getting home they needed to finish their homework. No time to play, enjoy outdoors, make good friends.

Kaimi and Isabella were puzzled, on one hand they wanted to teach a lot about their inner powers; on the other hand they felt pity to put extra time to their already busy schedule. Nevertheless they were determined!

- What do you like doing? What your dreams are? – were the first questions. Students’ faces lit up, hearts enlightened. The heavy air of classroom changed into laughter and ease.

- I love football and dream of playing in the Chinese national team.
- I love basketball and dream of playing in the NBA team.
- I love Math and Computer, dream of being a Game designer. I want my son to be proud of me.
- I love music and playing the piano, dream of playing in the orchestra.
- I love Math and Calculus, dream of contributing to the financial stability and order of the world.
- I love Chinese calligraphy, dream of becoming an artist and teach the joy of calligraphy to the entire world.
- I love art and dream of building a beautiful city.
- I love plants and dream to be a plant scientist.
- I love nature and dream to live balanced and joyful life.

Suddenly, students were happy to discover each other’s powers, love and dreams. They realized they don’t need to compete with each other but only try their best each day, asking themselves: “Is it the best I can do? Is the best of me?”.

Kaimi and Isabella taught them how to track their progress, how make goals and plan to achieve them. Personal Learning Plan and Personal Assessment were received with so much eagerness and enthusiasm. Although, the students knew that competition with others were draining their power and brining disunity but did not know what to do and how to stop it.

Inspired by them, they two became ardent in extolling excellence. They examined what have they discovered, assessed themselves and made further plans.

These students stayed in touch with Kaimi and Isabella, after few years they met each other again. This time each student was a shining brilliant star, confident, excelling at school subjects and progressing towards his/her dream.

In everything we do we should always try to attain a standard of excellence. Universal House of Justice


In many ways Kaimi was doing great. But more they lived in places without water and shower; his backpack became full of his unwashed socks.
In the same circumstances Isabella managed to stay always clean and her socks were always fresh and clean. She was a beacon of cleanliness!

Although, it was not a rocket science, Kaimi made a plan to practice cleanliness. He cannot go back to his Father with dirty face, hands and clothes! The awful smell would make him throw up!

- What shall I do, sister? How you keep yourself so clean? We did not have water, where did you wash your socks?
- You used only one notebook when I have few..

He showered his sister with all these questions. He was genuinely wondering that this must be a miracle.

- Well, every time you have a chance, wash your clothes; do not wait for your last clean sock to wash them all.
- Do not create unnecessary litter around yourself. Keep simple and clean.
- Use your books and notebooks with respect and order. Write clearly the first time, so you do not use too much eraser.

Kaimi started watching diligently after himself, how he eats, how he dresses, how he handles his backpack, how he writes.
He noticed that when he shovels his food, his mouth becomes dirty, so he used spoon and chopsticks carefully. His face was clean after lunch; he did not even need to wash it!

He wrote with patience, peace and joy. Alas, his writing was much better and he did not even need to use an eraser! And it was really beautiful, he himself admired it, hardly believing that it was written by him!

He washed his feet, socks and shoes. Washing clothes he did not use much water. He did not let water run, got a small basket and washed it all with very little water. His clothes smelled lavender, he felt happy! In the morning he felt confidence, these simple habits of cleanliness gave him so much power!

Be ye the very essence of cleanliness amongst mankind. This, truly, is what your Lord, the Incomparable, the All-Wise, desireth for you.

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