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A ride for those not ready to depart, yet eager to arrive at their unknown destination.
The train ride seemed to last forever as she quietly sat in her seat. She didn't remember when she boarded or how long it had been but with the other passengers patiently waiting, she assumed it was just her imagination.

One by one Passengers boarded the train car and sat down in the next available seat. They never spoke, they never looked around, they just sat and waited until their destination came.

She looked out the window, it was foggy as usual. She couldn't see anything but white and the occasional tree. Sometimes if she was lucky she would see someone standing out in the fog, looking out at the train. They wouldn't wave, they would just stand there. She always wondered who they were. She then looked at the photo that sat on her lap. It was blurry but she could tell they were happy.

Her glasses fogged up as she began to tear up. She could never remember why she left them, where she was going. She knew her life had been filled with happiness and warmth, but all she could feel now were the shadows of a deep loneliness that now haunted and choked her.

Taking a deep breath, she folded the picture back up and adjusted herself.

From a distance the sound of a door sliding open was heard. She looked over her shoulder to notice the Ticket Master walking down the aisle. She sat calmly in her seat hoping it was her stop coming up. Slowly the Ticket Master tapped on other patrons before making his way to her and then passing up her seat.

She looked down in disappointment, then went back to looking outside.

At the next stop everyone who had been approached, stood up and departed, while more passengers made their way on to the train.

One by one they boarded the train car and sat down in the next available seat. They never spoke, they never looked around, they just sat and waited until their destination came.

Frustrated she looked out the window and tried to ignore the sound of the train tracks underneath her feet.

Looking out the window, she saw a woman standing in the distance. They didn't wave or anything, they just stood there. She squinted her eyes to get a better view of her. It looked like the woman in the picture, it looked like her mother.

She then remembered her mother's last embrace before she boarded the train. It was warm and comforting, but very bittersweet. She slowly began to remember her last day with her family. She remembered being in a hospital bed surrounded by her loved ones.

Her mother had been by her side since day one. She held her hand tightly in hers.

On that last day she tearfully whispered to her, "You need to rest now Baby".

She remembered the last breath being the hardest, then....nothing

She then felt a tap on the shoulder and turned to see the Ticket Master standing next to her. He nodded his head and then went to the next person.

She had finally arrived at her destination. As the train stopped, she put the folded picture in her jacket pocket and stood up. The doors opened as she waited patiently in line behind the other patrons. When it was her turn to step off the train she felt the loneliness finally lift off her shoulders as she made her way into the white light that embraced her.
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2125290