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by bas
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2125312
Nikhil's deeds come back to haunt him
"Hello" Nikhil knocked on the half closed door. The only reply was the screeching noise.
"Can you please collect your delivery" Nikhil peeked in, shouting out loud hoping to get the attention of whoever was inside. But there was only silence in response.
Nikhil's curiosity got better of him and he walked in, wondering why was no one responding.

The wooden floor creaked with each of his step. Nikhil felt a chillingly cold breeze blowing in from the open door, making the white curtains to flutter. The air outside was absolutely still and hot, making Nikil wonder should he have come in when the door behind him slammed shut.

Nikhil Stumbled back startled, his leg got stuck in something making him fall with a loud crash. Nikhil got up hurriedly, wanting to get out of the house, but he realized his leg was stuck in a hole on the wooden floor.
"Shit" Nikhil cursed as he yanked at his leg, again the chilled breeze blew over him.
"Damn" Nikhil fumbled in his pocket for his phone, his hands shivering. The screen on the phone turned on automatically and a message flashed on the screen
"You should not play games with lives of people" Nikhil threw the unresponsive phone and tried to yank his leg in dismay as a whisper sent shivers through him.
"Stop trying Nikhil" Sheetal's voice, a lot calmer than it used be.
Nikhil whirled around, in shock.
"How .. how is it possible... "
"What Nikhil" the whisper came back with a tone that sent chills through Nikhil
"I have killed you myself..."
"Life always comes a full circle Nikhil"
A gust of wind blew in the closed room, causing a sharp knife kept on the table to be blown right through Nikhil's chest

Word count: 298
Written for :
Daily Flash Fiction Challenge  (13+)
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Words: game,curtain,noise
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