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There's so many things left unanswered.
I was once on holiday in Turkey with a friend, so the surroundings were very much unknown to me. Everything was good but one day we decided to go for a trip to an outside market. We went by bus and it took us about one hour to get there. Once there it was just lots of stalls covering a big area. Anyway, eventually my friend and I got split up, and soon I was walking on my own. After about ten minutes I saw this gap in-between two stalls, and was curious to know where it went, so I began to walk over to it. As I got closer I noticed it was stairs going upwards, so inquisitive as I was, I just had to find out what was up there. So I climbed the stairs to the top, and I found myself stood on a deserted road. It was bizarre to think that at the bottom of these stairs there was so much life, yet at the top there was nothing, just a disty old straight road. I turned my head in both directions to see is I could see any form of life but there was nothing. I took three paces in one direction expecting to see something, but still there was nothing, no buildings, no cars, no people.... nothing. All I could do was go back to where the stairs were, but they were gone and all that was there was a wall. So there I was stood on a dusty old road, lost in a foeign country, with nothing around me. My only options were to walk along the road hoping to see someone, and so I set off walking. With the sun pelting down I felt tired from the off but there was nothing I could do except walk, and I just couldn't stop. I never had a clue where I was going, and there were times when I thought about giving up, but I knew I couldn't. The road I was on went on forever in a straight line and although I'd been walking for hours, I still hadn't seen anything. I remember being dehydrated and struggling to see, as I began staggering and about to fall, when suddenly in the distance I could see what looked like a building, and so I staggered on. The closer I got to the building the happier I became, and although it was still a fair distance away, it was the first sign of anything I'd seen along the way. As I reached the building, I noticed a sign on the wall which had the name of the building on it, and as I slowly began to read it, I realised it was the hotel I'd been staying at. Now in hindsight this shouldn't have happened the way it did and it's a mystery how I survived.

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