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History of family on Mars

The first population boom on Mars, the Mars Dash is where GrandPappy Sulivan Witherston made his first buck. He began TranspCorp and built a fleet to accommodate the flood of overly eager scientists, all with the same dream. That they would be the first to stake their claim on the undiscovered wonders of Mars. After a couple of decades and almost a million were living the Mars Dash just like the Gold Rush came to an abrupt end. Pappy's fleet once filled to capacity to Mars became packed with the disappointed and disillusioned back to Earth, where they orbited waiting to book anyone willing to go to Mars.

The lure of fame and fortune on Mars had been replaced with the realities of colony life on Mars which were too full of hardships and strife for Earthers. However, there were a few that believed Mar could be their new home. Pappy's fleet kept that steady albeit small stream of people moving to. Among one of those transports was Pa, Hubert Briterfield and family. We arrived to the smallest colony known then as Iota causing the population to jump from 232 to 238.

Pa, not a man to waste time on things he thought to be small trivialities, concentrated his efforts on the big picture. So Pa set to work on designing improvements which my brothers Ted, Bud and Sam installed into their PodStead making it not only the largest and homiest but most efficient one in Iota. After GrandMa and I finished the Podsteads decor they set to work on the Hydroponic Food System where they increased the yield but more importantly improved the flavor. Word began to spread from Iota to the other colonies about the amazing innovation of the Briterfield Podstead creating a demand for throughout Mars for a Briterfield Designer Podstead

Pa had introduced the colonist to a style, innovation, and comfort not of Earth but entirely of Mars. A Renaissance of Mar began as the colonists claimed the undiscovered identity of Mars as their own making it anew. Art, literature, design flowed from the surface of Mars spreading inspiration out into space.

Soon even the fleet of TranspCorp wanted to be renovated with Mar's decor. I was head designer of the TranspCrop project and your dad was the new head director of the fleet. We fell in love over Mars and from our home on Mars our lives will be written.
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