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by DylanB
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Drama · #2125476
Two high school students plan their revenge against their school. Will they succeed?
It was a sunny day at James Patrick Academy and Elijah and Finn were just arriving at the place they call 'the home of the junked up.'

Elijah and Finn had all their classes together. They weren't the best behaved in school, but they excelled in English, History and Art. After English, they had a free period. They decided to get a few snacks and drinks from the vending machine in the cafeteria. Once they had done this, they walked into the library to go on one of the computers.

They looked up Columbine and Virginia Tech. Finn took his day planner and wrote some details of videos they made. "Eli, we need to get a video camera," whispered Finn.

The bell rung for next lesson, they slowly walked to P.E., they despised P.E. It was full of steroid-filled morons. "Shouldn't you two be in class?" Mr Wark spoke strictly. "We were just going," lied Elijah. Mr Wark nodded and walked away. They smirked at each other and went into an empty classroom and hid away.

A few hours later the bell rung for home time. Some of the steroid-filled morons walked up to Elijah and Finn, and punched them both in the stomach. "Go kill yourselves, faggots!" Shouted the bullies as they got on their bus. As they walked away, they had one hand on their stomachs and the other, clenching their fists in anger.

Elijah and Finn went to their separate homes. "Mum, I'm staying with Eli tonight," shouted Finn as he was sorting out his sleepover bag. Finn took his bike and went to the shop to buy food and drink. He managed to steal some beers.

After leaving the shop, he rode his bike to Elijah's house. "Hey dude!" shouted Elijah. They both went down to the basement. Elijah set up the PS4. They started drinking the beer Finn stole earlier, and played GTA 5 till 3 in the morning, when they fell asleep.

Elijah and Finn woke up to Elijah's mum shouting. "I thought I told you no more underage drinking in my house!" screamed Elijah's mum.

It was Saturday morning, and they heard Elijah's older big brother, Justin banging upstairs in his bedroom. Finn got up and went into the basement bathroom and had a shower.

They both got dressed and decided to go out on their bikes and go to the park. They got on their BMX's and left.

After leaving the park, they went to the library. Finn had stole his mum's credit card and they found a carbine rifle online and bought it. They knew they would have to skive school till the gun comes.

Two days later, the package finally arrived. Finn showed his fake ID to the postman. Elijah decided that he had enough saved up to buy a video camera.

They walked into town to go buy a video camera. "Maybe, we should go into a second-hand store?" Finn pointed out, Elijah and Finn both decided this would be the cheaper option.

Elijah and Finn finally picked out the cheapest one they could find. Elijah arranged to take his mum's car and go to the forest. Finn bought the ammunition with him and met up with Elijah.

Finn picked out a tree to fire at and spray painted a red line on the tree. For a few hours, they had fun firing at the tree, pretending to shoot the morons at school.

Elijah went to the car and grabbed some old toys to shoot at. Finn got out a watermelon and fired a bullet into it. After a short delay the victimized fruit exploded, "Imagine that in someone's fucking brain!" exclaimed Finn. They had filmed it all.

Finn took the camera home with him and edited it on his computer, adding some funny voices to it.
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